MIUI 11: Probable presentation conference scheduled for September?

It seems that finally something big is officially moving into the software development division of Xiaomi. From the announcement of the start of work to the long-awaited new version of the MIUI almost 8 months have passed in which various advances have followed. Now, however, there seems to already be a possible date, or period, of official launch for the new one MIUI 11.

MIUI 11: Probable presentation conference scheduled for September?

After the release of its first version, just 9 years ago, the user interface developed by Xiaomi MIUI, has accustomed us to various improvements made over the years. Now, finally, everything seems ready for the launch of the eleventh version which, according to some rumors, should introduce some improvements such as: The 3D Gestures, The "Sky Replacement" function reduction of invasive advertising and much more.


Until now it was thought to have the MIUI 11 in late autumn but, instead, some news of the last hour would already see September as the designated month for the launch. This is because a project manager, called Xiaofan su Weibo, launched a real bomb. With a post, in fact, he wanted first of all to thank all the users for supporting the project and, finally, he wanted to offer two tickets for a presentation conference on the new user interface that will be held on 5 Settembre.

We cannot yet know what will actually be presented during this conference. We believe, however, that it will be a conference called by the company to officially present the MIUI 11. With an official presentation set for the beginnings of September we could see an official release of the new interface within the month. It is not possible to rule out even a few hours or days after the presentation conference.

So, now we are, in a few weeks we will find out everything there is to know about the new user interface that will accompany us for next year, are you ready?

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