MIUI 11: A new video reveals the 3D Gestures [VIDEO]

We continue to talk about the MIUI, after having anticipated the new features that will be included in future updates, Xiaomi would seem to be working on a much more important software update. According to some rumors, in fact, the Chinese company's engineers would be working on adding the 3D gestures. A new type of functionality that would allow applications to be launched via phone gestures.

MIUI Update: Xiaomi is working on 3D Gestures

Xiaomi, as we all know, has always been at work both in the hardware and in the software field to try to anticipate the technologies of the future. In the last hours an interesting video is circulating on the net that would see a great novelty, which could be introduced by the company in the next updates. Let's talk about the 3D gestures, a function that, according to the video, will allow us to open applications through movements to be performed with the phone. The video, however, makes it easier for us to understand:

In the video we are shown how through the precise movements of the device it is possible to interact with it going to open some applications. It is obvious that this type of functionality will not be possible to apply on every device, in fact it will need, in addition to the software, also a hardware capable of accurately tracking the movements that will be performed with the device. Going more specifically, according to another image found on the net, it would seem that the movements seen in the video are nothing more than "letters".

MIUI 3D Gesture

The image above shows us the settings tab of this new feature. It seems immediately clear that all the movements of the device are nothing more than letters (reading from the image we have movements in M, W, C and Z). Probably it will be possible to associate to each movement an application to open and, at any time, activate or deactivate the tracking of that particular movement.

A feature that, if confirmed by the company, will be truly revolutionary. So revolutionary that, in our opinion, will not be "wasted" by the company for an anonymous update of the current version of the software, but used directly in the new MIUI 11 which is coming out in the coming months.


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