MIUI 3.12.6: FM radio without the headset!

Dear MIUI fans as you will know very well, every Friday - Orange Friday - the MIUI update is released, which is given a number, the version, corresponding to the day of release.

So today it is time to MIUI 3.12.6, to which an excellent function is added: the possibility of reproducing the radio without the aid of the earphones. I honestly don't know how it is possible (and I apologize for this and for any nonsense I could say), I have always believed that the antenna was integrated into the earpiece, so I assume that this new function works in streaming. I haven't had a chance to test this version yet, in fact I'm still at 3.9.13, but I hope to do it next week to update you on how it really works.

That being said, let's see the update video.

Fix, optimizations, news

We also see the changes with this new version.

The news are few: in addition to the FM radio that will work without earphones, a new card has been added to the Temi, My account. The latest news concerns the weather: introduced in the latest updates (available only in Chinese first), a new version has been added to the weather.

Various optimizations have been made: al donwload which now allows you to download up to 2 files simultaneously; to video where now the top are shown; to the DLNA which should find the devices faster; to notification messages, which, if "fixed" (pins), will be shown at the top of the Notes; finally the radio, which as said works without earphones, but with these will work better.

The fixes are many. Some concern the Mi3 and Red Rice, which are not currently present in Italy and therefore I will not write them here.
In the following list all the problems solved

  • incoming call, choice of answer with message, at the pressure of compose the app crashava (FC - force close)
  • system language change caused FC
  • incorrect alignments in the Notes
  • some of the virus scan details not shown correctly
  • applying a theme after buying it sometimes caused FC
  • hidden videos, remained visible in the player after viewing
  • editing a file, it was impossible to choose the first file in the folder
  • impossible to take screenshots by watching some videos
  • videos sometimes didn't go to full screen
  • the video app, after being closed, was still running in the background
  • sometimes the history of the videos watched was incorrect

For installation I recommend reading the previous articles that I list here

Update from updater
upgrade from ClockworkMod recovery
and take a look at the entire section MIUI!

If you have already updated or if you will update, I would like to know what you think and above all how the radio works without the earphones.

Finally, I thought I'd make you happy: surely you enjoyed the song by the minute 0:34 and you're looking for it everywhere. Then place the Shazam screen here (Chinese characters on the keyboard don't work) 😉


Source: miui.com

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