[Guide] Install MIUI 7 on LG G2

Some time ago we talked about the fact that the good old top of the 2013 range from LG started to receive officially the MIUI v6, well now it's time to try the seventh version of this promising Android based OS; there MIUI 7 on LG G2!

La MIUI v7 brings with it a slight graphic restyling (increasingly "material design"), so much so that at the first start we will have the opportunity to choose between 4 different pre-installed themes! An entry has been added to the settings: the baby mode, thanks to which it will be possible to leave your device with limited functions in the hands of our children, for example, a function of dubious utility I admit, but the fact remains that Xiaomi is still one of the first companies to worry about security (if we so call it ) of children who own a smartphone; another important novelty, and probably the most appreciable, is the optimization of the operating system that guarantees a good 25% more battery compared to MIUI v6.


Are you curious to try the MIUI v7? Then let's get right to the practice. What I'm about to illustrate is the best way to install the ROM MIUI 7 on LG G2, it doesn't matter what version of Android you currently have or what ROM you are using, this guide is valid at all times.

The pre-requisites for the installation are root and recovery TWRP; it is important that you have the latest version of the latter available to avoid incurring errors and unexpected events, therefore:

At this point you should know that the MIUI v7 for G2 is based on KitKat stock, so another requirement for installation is the KitKat partitions (or Bootstack):

As many G2 owners will know, at the time to allow the root of the device it was necessary to downgrade the Bootloader from KitKat to JellyBean, since the Bootstack contains the JellyBean Bootloader to continue you will need the KitKat Bootloader:

It's time to get the zip of the ROM and to further confuse the ideas ... why? Because there are well 2 ROM that bring the MIUI 7 on LG G2 and therefore 2 different developers (both part of the MIUI Team), the differences between the two ROMs start from the size of the installation package (one 800 mb and the other 900), it follows that one has fewer components and is lighter (the Qremote, for example, can be installed separately), while the other has more components, even useless like the Chinese keyboard. My advice is to try them both (if you have the possibility) and evaluate yourself which is the most suitable for your needs, but be aware that the general user experience is identical with both ROMs.

You will have to choose whether to download the first one from the list, developed by Kin912, or the second of the list developed by gtbluesky, below I report the related discussions on XDA where you will find further info:

Something is missing? The Google Apps! To install them you can simply use the app created specifically by the MIUI Team, called:

Now that we have everything we need, follow exactly the procedure I'm going to list for you:

  1. Make a nandroid backup (security first!)
  2. From recovery: full wipe (ie: wipe system, data, cache, dalvik cache)
  3. Flash KK Bootstack and latest TWRP
  4. From the appropriate menu restart in recovery and flash the ROM you have chosen following the Aroma Installer instructions
  5. Flash KK Bootloader (this step is important, if you skip it you will run into Bootloop!)
  6. Reboot system!


Now enjoy the MIUI experience on your G2, after configuring the device at the first startup you can install the gapps using Google Installer.

Feel free to comment for further clarification 😉

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