MIUI Global Beta: Xiaomi announces the end of the program from July

La MIUI is the software development division of Xiaomi and for years we have always been used to the release of two versions of the updates of the UI: The Beta version and the stable version. But unfortunately, Xiaomi has officially declared that since July 1 the program will be abandoned MIUI Global Beta and therefore only the stable versions will be released.

MIUI Global Beta: Xiaomi from 1 July will not release more Beta versions of its software

The Chinese company, after careful evaluation, decided to put an end to the Beta versions of your updates. A decision that, perhaps, many of its users might not like but which, perhaps, is the right decision.

MIUI Global Beta

The same company, during the announcement, wanted to clarify the reason for this decision. Since the birth of the program MIUI Global Beta the purpose of the company was to anticipate the launches of the final versions with Beta. These versions, however, were not to be considered a real update to be able to use on your device continuously and daily but only simple test versions that also served the company to receive feedback and then to improve the final version.

Unfortunately over the years, also thanks to the excellent trial versions, the Beta version lost its original purpose. In fact the company in the press release stated that, data in hand, most of its users use the test versions as major versions on their device. But more importantly, the company has stated that it is no longer receiving feedback from users who download the trial version.

Obviously the company was keen to point out that it will continue to discuss with its users the improvements to be introduced in the next versions of the MIUI. Unfortunately, however, to try all the news we will have to wait for the stable version every time and no longer that Beta.

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