MIUI: An update will allow the switch of the SIMs from the notification bar

One of the ever-evolving departments of Xiaomi it is certainly the one used for software development. Since its origins, the Chinese company has focused a lot on its custom graphic interface, la MIUI. The note UI, by now, has become a fundamental point for those who use the company's devices every day and, today, the news reports the arrival of a new update that will introduce really interesting new features.

MIUI: A new update will introduce the SIM switch directly from the notification bar

Yesterday, the company announced some news that the software update will introduce. Obviously all the news are aimed at improving the experience of using the devices Xiaomi. According to the company the update will introduce 4 big news.

1 - Switch from one SIM Card to another via the notification bar

MIUI SIM switch

The first big news, and perhaps the most important one, concerns devices Dual-SIM. In fact, thanks to the new software update, it will be possible to switch from one SIM card to the other via the notification bar. According to the example images released by the company there should be a change regarding the data button which, in addition to the standard function of turning on / off data, will also allow you to change SIMs. in a simple and, above all, fast way.

2 - Panoramic Selfie

The second feature, introduced by the update, will concern the front camera software. The function, according to the company, will allow you to widen the visual field of your selfie camera, allowing you to take a "panoramic" selfie. The company talks about a simple setting to change in the camera menu. We will see at the exit, more in detail, to understand this new selfie feature.

3 - Sliding screen capture mode

The screen screens, by now, have become a function used by everyone and also frequently. For this, Xiaomi, with the new update has decided to introduce a shortcut to make the so-called "sliding screens". The shortcut consists in the addition, below the screen of the captured screen, of a button that will allow you to do it "sliding screen"

4 - Mi Pay card code

The last feature that the update will introduce, unfortunately, is intended only for Chinese devices. In fact the novelty consists in the possibility of having on your device, in a few steps of verifying your identity, the QR code of their Pay me. A very useful function for making payments or receiving them quickly and easily. Unfortunately Pay me has not yet been introduced in our market and therefore, for now, this novelty is useless.

The company, for now, has only introduced us these first features. A date of release of this new update for the MIUI was not given but probably will be released in the coming weeks.


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