Official MIUI V6 available for LG G2!

The release began a few weeks ago official of the sixth version of the OS based on Android, the MIUI (pronounced MI-iuai) for the well-known terminal LG G2.

As many will know, this version of Android is pre-installed on the smartphones from Xiaomi, which in the last year has been working to expand its market. But how is it possible, you would say, that an LG home terminal having nothing to do with Xiaomi even receives official support from the latter? Well, you should know that last year a survey directly asked consumers which device, according to them, deserved Xiaomi support, and it is clear by now who was the winner.

For those wishing to try the MIUI experience on their LG G2 I insert the link to the download page where you will have to download the version created by the developer gtbluesky; but know that it is a "work in progress" or you can find some small defects during daily use, but do not worry because the defects are minimal and do not affect too much the experience of use, expect also weekly updates since this project he is more alive than ever!


from one of the following recovery ..

... flash the following files in the order in which they are proposed.

Here are some useful screenshots:



For any problem concerning the procedure or for further information commented as well 🙂

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