Edit mp3 Android tags with iTag and DroiID3Tagger

Often the mp3 files that are part of our multimedia library are not complete due to lack of cover or wrong track name, album or author, etc. This can be annoying and to remedy the problem it would be necessary to transfer the tracks to your PC to modify manually or through some programs the tag of audio files. The tags of an audio track are nothing more than additional information, such as album name, artist name, genre, year, cover, etc.

Thanks to two applications, which I recently met, it is possible to arrange the tags of our tracks also from Android. One of these works for single tracks, it is more useful to find the missing covers and already needs some information, the other, using a method similar to that of Shazam, manages to find and arrange all the tags of each individual track automatically, without the need to enter information first.


iTag is the application that allows you to modify the covers based on the information contained in our mp3 track. Starting the application we choose Songs and we will access the complete list sorted in alphabetical order. We click on one of our songs that has the cover absent or wrong and let's make sure, going down just below, that at least the title and the author are correct.
Let's go back and press Lucky cover o Search image. With the first option an image will be found that could be corrected as it could be wrong or even not found! It depends on the information the track has. With the second option, instead, the app will find more images related to the track information and it remains for us to choose which one to use.
Without this we go down and press save to save the modified information and the new cover and, if there was already a cover in the song, check it out Set this coverart as the default album coverart to use the new image in all media players on our device.

itag-images-cover itag-cover

iTag | Download in English


With this application you can change all the tags of all songs simultaneously and automatically. Just start the application and choose the folder where the audio tracks are usually stored Music, select the tracks that interest us or all (via SELECT ALL) and plug AUTO TAG lower left. The tracks will now be visible in the tab AudioTag Q top center, so let's move here and tap SELECT ALL first, then START. All the inserted tracks will be modified, whether there is information, or whether the tracks are devoid of any tag, because DroID3Tagger uses the database of Last.fm to find the information of each single song.
You can also manually change the tags by tapping EDIT TAGS instead of AUTO TAG during the selection of the tracks and set whether to download the covers from the settings or not.


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