Motiongraph for Xperia apk for all Android devices

Motiongraph for Xperia is a Sony Xperia Z1 app, a camera app where you can animate one or more parts of a photo. The fantastic xda-developers team has ported to all devices running Android 4.1 or higher.

The app is easy to use, just point the camera at something in motion (I tried with water as in the photo at the bottom) and in 2 seconds a series of frames will be captured (about 42). At the end of the capture it is necessary to highlight the areas that will have to move and obscure the others.


Motiongraph is set to run horizontally and obviously is not a useful app for taking normal photos. In fact the resolution is only of 480 × 480 pixels and the settings are few, just the essentials: we can set the setting as night, beach, landscape, party, etc. activate or deactivate the flash, set the automatic or touch focus and finally adjust the exposure, white balance, etc.

The only 'flaw' is the weight of the photos. In fact, despite the resolution being quite low (480 × 480 pixel) the photos exceed i 5mb. But this because of the frames that make up the image, which in fact is nothing more than an animated gif. However, at the end of the shot you can reduce the number of frames, change the speed of the animation and you will see these changes in real time! Obviously the reduction of the frames will lighten the final weight of the image. If you want to install the application, find the link at the bottom of the article.

The photos taken with Motiongraph can be viewed in the gallery, and the path where they are saved is DCIM / XPERIA / MOTIONGRAPH.

The following image is the proof I made

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If, on the other hand, you want to create animated gifs via the PC, we recently did two guides: the first guide explains how to create animation using a program and you can find it here. In the second guide instead it is explained how to create a gif thanks to gimp and find it here.

The application is also found on the Play Store and you can download it via this link, otherwise from the following link via XDA.

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