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On the Play Store there are dozens and dozens of applications that allow you to download music on Android. There are all kinds, many are just one copy of the other; moreover they are often removed, but this does not stop the developers, who always "churn out" new, ever more complete applications with new features.

What we are talking about today is MP3 Plus which is an excellent application to download music on Android with ben 5 search engines, but also to listen to it in streaming or locally, create playlists and share it on Facebook.

The application is presented with 4 tab: Songs, Search, Playlist e Misc, which in the same order are the places where: the traces downloaded are found; where you search for new songs; where we can create and organize playlists and finally an area where we find information, FAQs and the possibility of connecting the FB account.

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All in all, MP3 Plus has a good research based on SoundCloud, managed by 5 search engines that help you find a large portion of songs. Before starting a download it is possible to listen to the track, but unfortunately it is not possible to control the flow of the stream, in other words it is not possible to advance or bring the song back a few seconds. This is possible instead with the downloaded tracks, in which it is possible to use repeat, shuffle and lyrics, which make it possible to repeat single tracks or entire playlists, play songs randomly and read the text, even if this is often incorrect.
A flaw is certainly the lack of settings that in addition to other small things, do not allow you to manage the destination folder that will be by default in the folder Music with the name of MP3 Plus.
Finally, the interface is really pleasant and intuitive and the advertisements are not invasive.

To download the app you can use the following link | removed

We remind you that downloading music is illegal. The article is for informational purposes.

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