Multirom (multiboot) on Nexus

Today we present MultiROM a revolutionary application that allows you to have, simultaneously, different ROMs on the same device, which, can be started by a convenience boot manager which will show us the various roms installed each time the phone is started, as is the case with the multiboot on our PCs we have been used to for some time.

The news does not end there, MultiRom can start any ROM directly from USB stick (correctly mastered), a sort of LIVE USB that users of GNU / Linux distributions will know well; obviously we will need an OTG cable to connect the USB stick to our terminal since the Nexus do not support USB On The Go.

the compatible devices are:

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7 (2012 version)
  • Nexus 7 (2013 version)

This Guide could cause damage to your terminal, I do not take any responsibility for any malfunctions or bricks of your terminal resulting from the execution of the operations carried out in this article.


Download the app MultiROM from the Playstore (download from the badge below), start the application and tick the items: MultiROM e Recovery e Kernel (Choose the one you want from the drop-down menu) from the section Install / Update and click Install. 




We will have installed MultiROM and Recovery TWRP in our terminal, we just have to install ROMs:

enter Recovery e select Advanced -> MultiROM -> Add ROM and select the .ZIP file of the ROM to be flashed.

to update or change the different ROMs proceed as follows:


  • Flash the new ROM as you normally would from TWRP Recovery (regardless of the presence of MultiROM)
  • then from Recovery select: Advanced -> MultiROM and run Inject curr. boot sector.


  • to change one of the other Roms in our phone, simply delete an old ROM and reflect another from the "Add Rom”Of the TWRP Recovery
  • to update one of the other ROMs go to Advanced -> MultiROM -> List ROMs and select the ROM to be updated, now select "Flash ZIP" and flash the ROM update.
MultiROM MultiROM


MultiRom is in continuous development, we hope that in the future it can support other devices, to deepen the topic you can follow the official link of the project on XDA forum.

we leave you with a video in which the user from MultiROM starts Ubuntu desktop on a Nexus 7!

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