myEnigma, encrypted instant messaging for Android and IOS

Let's go talk about privacy, a few days ago I was notified of a new encryption-proof instant messaging application, let's see what it is.

myEnigma is an application created by Qnective, a Swiss company that develops secure communication platforms for governments, large companies, organizations and individuals, promises this time to make yours messages untraceable by anyone, ensuring that even Qnective employees, who offer the service and who have developed the product, can access the content exchanged by users.

The myENIGMA encryption is based on the end-to-end principle: multimedia messages, SMS, instant messages, audio files, images and videos are encrypted by the App on the sender's smartphone and decrypted on the receiver's smartphone. During content transfer no one has access to the message sentmoreover, the key that is exchanged by the system between the sender and the recipient is often renewed and remains so secret for all parties.

I have tested myEnigma for a few weeks and I must say that its use is really convenient, like much more famous apps such as Telegram:

  • sending and receiving messages are instant.
  • battery consumption does not seem to be excessive.
  • It is possible to send: Photos, videos, sounds and even Files.
  • It is possible to set an application lock with a password.
  • Block unwanted contacts / blacklists
  • Group chat

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the aesthetics is well done, you have a black theme and another more modern in greater chromatic harmony with the latest versions of android.

MyEnigma MyEnigma

another interesting feature is the section my7, thanks to which myENIGMA users can communicate in real time with the studio guests of the 7 Gold television channel.

To learn more about the application visit Official site.

myEnigma is available for Android and iOS, here the link to the PlayStore.

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