How to hide Whatsapp audio from your Android music player

WhatsApp it is one of the most used applications on smartphones, which we can no longer get rid of because - thanks to all their functions - they are useful on every occasion. For example, I use it a lot to listen to music both via earphones and in the car AUX.

But there is something I can't stand for a long time, WhatsApp does not get along with the music player. We receive hundreds of messages a day and these include audio files; I'm not talking about voice recordings, but precisely of audio files that go to settle between our tracks, so much so that between one track and the other it often happens that an unwanted audio file is reproduced. And if there was a way to hide WhatsApp audio from the music player?

The solutions may be different. First of all, the installation of a new player able to let us choose the folders we prefer (better solution but not allowed by many music players), but this means having an additional application, therefore less memory available. Another one solution it would be the removal of audio files, but if I wanted to keep one or more files, I wouldn't solve the problem anyway.

In reality there is one quite quick and simple solution to apply, which, in addition to the WhatsApp audio files, extends to any other type of audio file present on ours Android smartphone, for example files received via Bluetooth. We will choose which files to show in our MP3 player and which do not. Let's see how! 😉

How to hide WhatsApp audio from the music player

Removing the audio files from the player does not require any particular skill, nor root permissions. All you need is an application to navigate through your files. I for example use ES File Explorer.

ES File Manager
ES File Manager
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+


  • After starting Es File Explorer, went to the folder WhatsApp, then move inside the folder Media and finally in the folder WhatsApp Audio.
    Hide Audio WhatsApp
  • At this point it is necessary to create a new file
  • Press the three points at the top right and choose New
    Hide Audio WhatsApp
  • Choose Fillet, insert .nomedia as name and prizes OK. The file must be empty
    Hide Audio WhatsApp
  • Files with "." In front of the name are hidden files, so if you don't see it, open the menu on the left, scroll down and enable the item Show hidden files.
    Hide Audio WhatsApp
  • Well! Update the songs in your music player and you will see that there will be no more WhatsApp audio; if not, delete the application cache via Settings -> App -> Music (or the name of the application used) -> Clear Cache

That's it! In a few simple steps there will be no more WhatsApp audio files inside our music player. If you want to remove other types of audio, just create the “.nomedia” file inside the folder where they are located. In the following image, for example, I exclude audio files received via Bluetooth

Hide Audio WhatsApp

Note: the “.nomedia” file also hides images and videos if they are in the same folder.

To restore audio files, simply delete the file from the desired folder and, if that is not enough, delete the Music application cache and restart the device!

Were you aware of this solution or do you know any other methods? Let us know!

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