Hide Android files and applications ... with the calculator

In one of the first articles I talked about an application that, masking itself as a battery widget, allows you to hide any type of file and find the review by clicking here. Today we are talking about an app with similar functions, but which apparently is a simple one calculator, it's about Smart Hide Calculator

After downloading the app, you will find among your applications Computer and at the first start you will be asked to enter a password (numeric) and confirm it, immediately afterwards an additional password will be requested (alphanumeric) to retrieve the first one and a code (123456789 + 987654321) to access to reset the password.

Once the password has been set, simply access the app, enter it and press '=' to enter the secret menu

smart-hide-calculator smart-hide-calculator-menu-secret

From here you can hide any type of file (Hide Files) and make them visible (Unhide Files) or hide / display apps in the app drawer with Freeze / Un-Freeze Apps. The flaw of this application is that it is not possible to hide individual media files but only entire folders, and hopefully in the single selection in a future update. If we were to make a comparison between Smart Hide Calculator and Text and File Hider Plus, the latter has better management to hide any file, individually and without having to log into the application, it is enough to send the file directly to the app and it will be automatically hidden! | Download

UPDATE (07 / 04 / 14): To hide applications you need to have ROOT permissions

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