In the 2014, boom of cyber incidents

The 2014 has been concluded for almost a month and it is time to analyze and evaluate the data collected during the year just ended, we will obviously be interested in the world of the web thanks to the data collected by the Seeweb hosting, which in its press release, publishes a report of his activity with particular reference to computer incidents found and managed in his network and managed on behalf of TopHost.

computer incidents
The number of mobile malware is raised by 16% while the overall one is increased 76% Year after year. At the beginning of the 2015.

If in the 2013 the managed incidents were more than 3000, in the last year the number has doubled, reaching to exceed the quota of the 6500 security incidents.
The significant increase in security incidents is due, on the one hand, to the increase in customers and, on the other hand, to the increase in intrusions. Given the statistics of the latest report, the security incidents handled concerned:

  • 2675 stolen or guess SMTP passwords.
  • 1525 compromised websites.
  • 145 FTP password stolen.

Compared to last year there have been no major changes, except that in the last quarter of the 2014 there was an increase in intrusions on the sites with WordPress, due to new vulnerabilities present in its components.

For the 2015 forecasts say that the number of cyber attacks that could jeopardize information security could grow further. The attack techniques are increasingly sophisticated, to the point of putting at risk even the standards that have always been synonymous with reliability, such as SSL certificates.

"Everyone has his job and the client should focus only on his. There are problems that could arise, and a team composed of specialized technicians in different sectors, who guarantee customer safety, would be ideal "

Luca Ercoli, expert Ethical Hacker Seeweb.

In conclusion, we can not do anything but entrust our site to a reliable hosting, which guarantees good technical support, a good level of security of the infrastructure that hosts us, and if we use a cms as wordpress, the advice remains that of update the cms, themes and plugins as soon as possible to make your project less vulnerable.



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