Next-generation Android: the news at a glance to the Google I / O 2014

This year was the best Google I / O of all, not only for Android, but for all Google services (Chomecast, Chrome OS), which brought the Android platform almost everywhere, in the watch, in the car, on TV and in classic smartphones / tablets, but not only, Android has had a total restyling, starting with the logo, now more appealing:


Android logo

The naming / numbering of the next version of Android is not yet clear, we only know that it will start with the letter "L" and many users are wondering what the next version of Android will be called and if Google will finally decide to release Android 5.0 or it will be a 4.5. Android L Dev Preview was released for Android app developers who own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 WiFi, and the final version of the next version of Android will be released in the Fall (not before the end of October so), and developers will have all the time to update / adapt their apps to the ART runtime, which will be the default Android runtime / compiler, this in addition to a significant increase in performance and an increase in free RAM memory will allow an increase in battery life, in addition to ART Project Volta will also contribute to increase battery life, a sort of energy saving that we can find in Samsung or HTC, dalvik is thus abandoned (finally). Google also focuses on security, which has plagued Android for years, collaborating with Samsung, in fact a part of the Samsung KNOX source code will be integrated into Android L, a new notification system, a new lockscreen from which we will be able to see all our notifications without lowering the drop-down menu, Google Fit for fitness, improved camera, Android ONE for emerging companies in the Android field, which will be helped by Google and will have the same software as the Nexus, a new recovery with more options. All these innovations (and many others) enclosed in Material Design, which sends Holo into retirement, in material design we can see new animations, the notification bar colored according to the window, and a totally new design. Another novelty is gaming, also thanks to ART and the inclusion of the Unreal Engine we will be able to have a gaming experience like on PS or Xbox consoles. Heads Up Notifications… lots of news… which will arrive not only on the Nexus… CM12 we are waiting for you !!

bA9gr9q - Imgur

Lockscreen - source:

JM3Hn8d - Imgur

Heads-Up Notifications (top) - source:

Jsdy1ry - Imgur

Lockscreen Notifications - source:

7VANFiJ - Imgur

Material design in GMail - source:

VBIDnPS - Imgur

Material Design - source:

CMpK2VO - Imgur

Material design the same for all devices - App Gallery - source:

CLcVkEJ - Imgur

Android L Dev Preview - Available for the Nexus - Home screen - Navigation keys renewed - source:

DzWk2qX - Imgur

Phonebook in Android L - source


Android L Notification curtain


Project Volta - Battery Saver


Android Extension Pack


ART default in Android L - source


Performance ART against Dalvik - Nexus 5


Samsung Knox - Android L - Increased Security

In addition to the operating system news, Google I / O presents Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto, which manage to communicate very well with each other, some photos below:


Android Wear OS: Motorola Moto 360 - Samsung Gear Live - LG G Watch - Available in the Online Play Shop - source:


Android TV graphic interface

Android car

Android Auto OS - Graphic Interface

Well, what about ... a screaming Google I / O!

Useful links:

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Factory Images - Android L Developer Preview - Download - Nexus 5 / Nexus 7


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