Nokia 3310 VS Hydraulic press. Who will win? [VIDEO]

"Was the chicken or the egg born first?","Does it weigh more than a pound of iron or a kilo of straw?","Is there anything that can scratch a Nokia 3310?"These are the questions that man has always asked himself, since the first appearance on earth, and to which he has never known how to answer

Apparently, however, after several studies by the most renowned universities and after the multiple tests, which had as protagonist the very famous Nokia 3310, an answer was finally given to the third question:

"NO, nothing can scratch a Nokia 3310. "

This is the video that shows the incredible strength of the Nokia 3310 and, apparently, after the many tests well 3 hydraulic presses have stopped working.

However, it is still the last test to be performed, the most complex, where the Nokia 3310 will have to suffer a rush of punches da Chuck Norris in person. I honestly don't know who to bet on, but follow us for any updates! 😀

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