Not just open chats and Facebook style social networks

A few months ago I wrote an article about the main ones chat without registration and a deepening that illustrated how most people prefer to use by now apps and social networks to chat.

Basically I have highlighted how the different nature of the two types of platforms is justified by the different target to whom they point: those who just want to spend a few hours relaxing on the net in the first case and, in the second case, the growing people of all fans of sharing and comparison of opinions often with the objective not too covert to strengthen the existing friendships.

However, there is another important segment still not sufficiently guarded by the various players in this market. I am referring to the myriad of people who would rather expand their circle of friends than to strengthen existing ones (given that they are almost always the same people who attend daily at work, in groups, in the gym) not only chatting but doing all sharing activities typical of social networks.

The chats in fact, be they without registration or those in smartphone applications, for this type of people turns out to be a limiting tool since the possible interactions with potential new friends are exhausted when the conversation ends. We add the fact that the frenetic modern rhythms do not easily allow for long conversations in chat and in this sense it would be useful to be able to continue the knowledge of a person by consulting deferred one's personal page, one's interests, etc.

It seems a trivial consideration, but it is not so. The same Facebook born to "keep existing friendships" as if to say that nothing prevents you from making new friends using this platform but the fact remains that it is born specifically to do something else.

In recent years, especially in Italy one is establishing a new social network which goes precisely in this direction: to encourage the birth of new friendships within the typical context offered by Facebook-style social networks. It is about qmpeople.


The minimalist style is very reminiscent of the first sites that appeared on the web a few decades ago, perhaps with the aim of highlighting how the desire to make new friends has distant origins.
No personal data is required except for the date of birth; this is particularly noticeable always with a view to favoring new encounters, given that the precautions are never too many.

Inside as anticipated we find the classic features of sharing content, videos, moods together with one chat that shows directly the photos of the people online with whom we can get in touch, even filterable by location and by sex. A potential gold mine also in consideration of the fact that their antispam policy seems very rigid and that therefore registered users have a high probability of being real unlike what happens for almost all dating sites (just look for some reviews around on the Internet to have a sad retry).

There are also value-added services that require the payment of a fee but I understand that all the basic features are totally free. Among these last ones, the most interesting one is the possibility to be notified when a certain user is online!

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