Notification Repeater solves the problem notifications about MIUI 10 and Mi Mix 3

It is clear to everyone as one of the fundamental aspects of home smartphones Xiaomi both the presence of its own user interface, developed ad hoc, the MIUI. For those who are assiduous users of these devices, they will know a little of all the strengths and weaknesses, for those who do not know it, instead, it is good to know how this UI (User Interface) presents an excellent simplicity of use combined, unfortunately, with some small problems that could annoy some users. One of the many problems always encountered by many is the lack of some notifications, but lately thanks to a developer external to the Chinese company, there is the possibility of downloading an application by name Notification Repeater that could solve this coveted problem.

Notification Repeater

The problem that this application is going to solve is mainly aimed at the owners of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 that, over time, they noticed how some notifications of applications like Telegram, Discord o Google Voice they were not shown on the display to the user. The same problem has come to the eyes of a developer Android, FabioCZ, that by studying the problem he discovered that the solution was very simple: to develop an application, Notification Repeater precisely, that served to visualize the aforementioned notifications before the interface MIUI, inexplicably, you eliminate them.

The application in question is not present on the store Android official, for now, but you can download the .apk file from GitHub developer's official from this link. The same developer has recently updated the app Notification Repeater adding the possibility to make the phone vibrate when a notification arrives, to show floating notifications and to set an icon and a color for the notification led for each application. Furthermore, the application is completely open source and therefore, the source code can be consulted and modified by anyone. Surely it is an unorthodox solution to solve a problem that, hopefully, will be solved directly by Xiaomi with the next versions of the MIUI 10 waited as soon as possible.


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