New eBay promo June: 10% discount up to 100 € with this coupon!

Here is a new promotion from eBay, which returns to office with its special coupons. The new promotion applies the 10% discount, Up to a maximum of 100 €, on telephony, smartphone and console products. Obviously everything with free and fast shipping from Italy.

100 € discount voucher! With the PITGIU100 coupon

EBay Promo June 10% with PITGIU100 coupon

The coupon can be used from today (18 June 2019), until its expiry, or the 24 June at 17,00. The discount code can be used once, for a single purchase.

The coupon PITGIU100 it can be used for products such as: Smartphones and consoles and is valid on the products of PC Distribution srl, Saturno srl and Cortocircuitostore sellers. It must be redeemed by entering one or more items in the cart and, before making the payment, enter the coupon code PITGIU100 to get the desired discount.

Promo eBay June: 10% discount on smartphone and console !!
New eBay promo June: 10% discount up to 100 € with this coupon!

Offers continue in real time and updated every day on ours Telegram channel.

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