New Xiaomi TV: Voice controls and super thin design

Xiaomi is preparing, during the next week, to present the new models of Xiaomi TV. In fact, the company has been active for some years now in the field of Smart TV and the next 23 April will present the fourth version of its smart televisions. With the arrival of the event slowly we receive some interesting details that will distinguish the new TVs.

New Xiaomi TV: Voice controls and super-thin design

A few days ago the general manager of the division Smart TV di Xiaomi, Xiao Xiaoshuang, launched the event of 23 April with a poster that already made us understand some new features of the TVs that will be presented.

This morning, the same director, has released new, and interesting, news regarding the Xiaomi TV. Indeed the new ones Smart TV will have complete support for voice control. So forget the remote control, just your voice will be enough to control yours TV home. A type of technology that can be really useful and that allows us to have a smarter approach with the TV going to eliminate the cumbersome use of the remote control.

As for the design, instead, already we talked to you of how the company focused on improving the back of the TV, a part that is usually ignored. Furthermore, according to a last poster of the company, the new ones TV will have a super thin body. According to the last poster, where a hand is depicted that indicates a super-thin thickness, one could arrive at a thickness of just over 2 mm! Exactly about 2.3mm. The thinnest TV body produced so far by the company was by 4,9mm with a screen a LED.

Xiaomi TV thickness 2mm

In addition to these first features, it seems almost obvious, of course, the presence of resolution 4K on the new ones Xiaomi TV. The event of 23 April will surely tell us more about the characteristics and, above all, the selling price. We just have to wait.


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