New Xiaomi patents place two front-facing cameras at the bottom

The smartphone manufacturers in the last period are challenging themselves to launch the device with the highest possible screen-to-body ratio. Ever smaller and notch borders are in fact the order of the day. Xiaomi it is also a very active company in this sector and seems ready to revolutionize it. Today, in fact, we talk about some patents registered by the company that show two frontal cameras positioned at the bottom.

Xiaomi patents place two front-facing cameras at the bottom of the smartphone

The news was launched, as always LetsGoDigital, the German portal that has already revealed other company patents. After knowing the patent of device with 4 curved corners, today it's up to a new prototype device, or rather two, that would see the two front-facing cameras at the bottom and no longer at the top.

The first patent presented by Xiaomi would see a screen that completely covers the front of the device with a small notch at the bottom that houses the dual front camera. A type of design that should give the device a wider screen but that could create some problems in use.

The second design patented by the Chinese company shows a dual camera positioned in the two lower corners of the device. A type of design that would give the phone a higher percentage of screen but use of the two cameras a little more difficult, as happens on Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2.

In our opinion, between the two patents the most feasible, and the one on which we want to bet something, is the first, because it is much simpler. We are talking about a simple notch moved from the upper part to the lower part of the display. The second patented design is less likely, perhaps, more imaginative.


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