New "Xiaomi Hercules": could be the codename of the Mi Mix 4

It is already known as Xiaomi is working on some mysterious devices with as many code names. Lo "Xiaomi Hercules"Is one of these and, today, there seem to be more news about this device. It seems, in fact, that some interesting technical specifications have been detected regarding the device that will support it Snapdragon 855. The aforementioned device also seems to be the long-awaited one Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

"Xiaomi Hercules" could be the codename of the Mi Mix 4 with Snapdragon 855

In line with the latest rumors, in fact, the editor-in-chief of xda-developers, Mishaal Rahman, with a tweet revealed the most important technical specifications of this new device.

The tweet tells us about a device that will mount a triple rear camera plus a front camera, of course. In addition there will be the Snapdragon 855 and a fingerprint sensor in the display, so there will also be a AMOLED display. Finally, the new smartphone will support the NFC technology it's a Wireless wireless charging. In short, a device that seems to look a lot like the company's flagship, the My 9 (Mi 9 offers), released last February.

Probably, therefore, the new "Xiaomi Hercules"Would be nothing but the new Mi Mix 4. This is because, given that the specifications are not substantially new, the company could give this hardware to a device with an innovative design. Indeed the Mi Mix series it is famous for bringing smartphones with a design dedicated to giving greater prominence to the displays. Only a few months ago the company posted a teaser of the Mi Mix 4 in which the previous versions were shown and a fourth device still not revealed which, obviously, alluded to an imminent release of the new smartphone of the series.

we mix 4

Obviously the new technical specifications "Xiaomi Hercules"Are absolutely to be taken with pliers, of course the source we consider it quite reliable but in these cases it is always better to wait for some official information from the company. Definitely a fourth device in the series Mi Mix, with these specifications, it would really be an interesting device.


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