ADSL offers for the month of March 2014

Here are the ADSL offers of the main Italian providers in March 2014, divided into:



Until 31 March ALICE 7 MEGA offers at the cost of € 20,29 per month (FREE for the first 5 months): unlimited internet with speeds up to mega 7.

In addition to the cost of the offer, it requires payment of 17,54 € telecom fee (in case of new activation of the telephone line, an additional cost of 97,60 € will be added as an "activation fee"), we will see in detail the features of the offer:


  • Speed ​​up to 7 Mega in Download and 384Kbps in Upload.
  • It is possible to increase the speed up to 10 Mbps in Download and 1 Mbps in upload with the activation of the option Super Internet at the cost of 4,04 € per month.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • 300 text messages per month to be sent via webmail (max 10 sms per day).


  • The modem is not included in the offer but you can rent it at the cost of 3,05 € per month.
  • Cost of deactivation of ADSL and / or telephone line:  € 35,18.


2 types of ADSL subscriptions on offer until 6 March:

  • the first, very cheap, called ADSL 8 MEGA: at a cost of € 10.03 per month, discounted for the first 4 months at 4,45 €.
  • The second one, ADSL 20 MEGA: at a cost of € 25,38 per month discounted for the first 2 months at 9,95 €.

In both cases we will have to have an active telephone line, so if we have a telecommunication phone line active there will be no additional costs (because we will already pay the telecom fee), otherwise we will activate a new TISCALI telephone line at the (one-off) cost of 71.07 €; the cost of maintaining the Tiscali telephone line is 19,11 € per month, discounted for the first 4 months at 4,95 €, a cost that is added to the ADSL offer.


  • for the subscription ADSL 8 MEGA: Speed ​​up to 8 Mbps in Download and 512Kbps in Upload.
  • for the subscription ADSL 20 MEGA: Speed ​​up to 20 Mbps in Download and 1 Mbps in Upload.
  • Unlimited traffic.


  • The modem is not included in the offer but you can rent it at the cost of 3,03 € per month.
  • Tiscali has set up decommissioning costs that vary according to the cases and the technologies used, everything is clearly explained in the appropriate page DEACTIVATION COSTS.


the new Italian provider offers the possibility to choose between a monthly subscription € 23 per month for at least 24 months of contract or rechargeable profile 99 € for 4 months (finished the 4 months you can choose to top up to use the service for additional months, in the official page the various recharge cuts are shown, in both cases the navigation speed will be at most mega 7 and there is no need to activate a telephone line.


  • Speed: 7 Mbps in Download and 1 Mbps in Upload
  • Unlimited traffic


  • activation fee: 50 €
  • Modem: 3 € per month
  • Deactivation costs: 50 €


Until 6 March subscription ADSL WITHOUT LIMITS the € 19,90 per month, is not a real offer as it is not limited in time, the price will remain fixed for an indefinite period and the Customer will not have to withdraw in the first 6 months.


  • Speed: TeleTU, as is now known, certainly does not shine for the quality of the connection and in fact on the site only an ADSL connection is indicated up to 7 mega without further indications.
  • Unlimited traffic


  • Modem included
  • withdrawal costs: in case of migrazione you will have to pay 40€ while in the case of disabling they become 70€


The offer only ADSL has a cost of € 33 per month for a minimum of 36 months and allows you to navigate up to 20 mega thanks to the Vodafone station 2, also included in the offer a SIM data with 2 Gb of monthly traffic.

There is no need to activate a telephone line.


  • Speed: 20 Mbps download and 1 Mbps in upload.
  • Unlimited traffic on the fixed network.
  • Sim Data with 2Gb per month and speed up to 43,5 Mbps to connect on the move included in the offer


  • Vodafone Station included in the offer
  • withdrawal costs: 40€

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