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Chuwi offers on Amazon: Notebooks and tablets with discounts up to 65 €

With the Amazon Spring offers the discounts are really interesting and today we find the protagonist Hold on, the well-known Chinese manufacturer of low cost tablets and notebooks. Hold on today we are offering 4 discounted devices on Amazon, with a price reduction of up to 65 euros thanks to a discount code. Below all the Chuwi products on offer today on Amazon.

Offers Amazon Spring Chuwi Notebook Tablet

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Chuwi Hi9 Pro tablet from 159 € to 135 €

CHUWI Hi9 Pro 4G LTE tablet
CHUWI Hi9 Pro 4G LTE tablet
8.4 inches, Android 8, MTK X20, 3 / 32GB
135€ 159€
  • More choices to stay in touch - Hi 9 Pro has 4G LTE function and supports dual SIM dual standby (MICRO SIM). Band: GSM: 2. 3. 5. 8 (PCS1900. DCS1800. GMS850. GMS900); WCDMA: (2100 MHz. 1900 MH. 850 MHz. 900 MHz); LTE: 1. 2. 3. 5. 7. 8. 20 (FDD: 2100 MHz. 1900 MHz. 1800 MHz. 850 MHz. 2600 MHz. 900 MHz. 800 MHz); LTE: 40. (TDD: 2300MHz)
  • Split view - Picture-In-Picture Hi9 Pro also supports Split View processing, you can see two things at once. The Picture-In-Picture function has been strengthened, has become more fluid, you can drag the suspension window to will, and then continue the work on the main screen
  • Hi 9 Pro comes with the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo. As the latest operating system, Android8.0 has many advantages. Smarter, faster and more powerful
  • The most advanced display on the planet: 2K Display. A high dynamic range (HDR) tablet with 2K resolution will change your perception of the tablet, HDR video content provides exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a much wider brightness range than other video formats
  • High performance CPU - Hi9 Pro integrated processor MT6797 (X20) to 64 bit. The processor has ten cores for devices running the 8.0 Android operating system. The device has a frequency of 1,4 GHz up to 2,3 GHz.
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CHUWI GBox Mini PC from 199 € to 169 €

Intel Gemini-Lake N4100, 4 / 64GB, USB 3.0, Linux + Windows10 Dual Boot, Type-C
169€ 199€
  • Supports HD video Netfilx 4K 60Hz. Gemini-Lake N4100 supports HDCP version 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a
  • Hands free: GBox supports remote control, air induction at 360 degrees, whether you're sitting on a chair or lying on the sofa, you don't have to stand up, completely free your hands, let yourself relax. Entertainment time
  • Good heat dissipation performance: GBox adopts a scientific design, aluminum alloy heat conductor is used on GBox to ensure effective and continuous refrigeration, and there are cooling holes around it. The energy-saving Gbox remains powerful and stable even after a long period of work
  • High definition video: G-box has excellent decoding capability, Intel 9th HD Graphics with hard-decoded 4K UHD features, supports videos in VP9 and HEVC formats at 10 bit. conversion to an HTPC at any time. Supports 3 display screens in the same screen, great for promoting large-scale events in the mall, so that people experience a strong shock (the display should support the 4K display)
  • More ports: 2 * USB 3.0, 2 * USB 2.0 to meet everyday needs, with the ultra-fast USB-C slot, capable of connecting 2 monitors with VGA output and expansion of the SATA hard drive, capable of supporting 2TB; The TF card interface supports up to 256G
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Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet from 219 € to 186 €

Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet
Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet
Helio X27, 4 / 64GB, 10.8 inches, GPS, Android 8
186€ 219€
  • Update the system immediately after receiving the product. Once the update is complete, you can resolve the touch problem. Upgrade Steps: Click Settings - Click System - Click 'Tablet Information' - Click 'Wireless Updates'
  • Very long battery life: the battery capacity of 7000 mAh with the optimization of the MTK 6797X processor brings significant energy savings. More than 15 days in standby, 10 hours of video playback continues.
  • Innovative technique: curved 2.5D curved glass is now available on Hi 9 plus Android tablet. Revolutionary innovation and technology, allowing you to change the awareness of the touch of the past tablet, giving you a warm and comfortable look
  • Simple and elegant: the metal body of Hi 9 plus creates an elegant and beautiful industrial design that is remarkable for its simplicity. but with a fast and powerful loading system, excellent MediaTek Helio X27 from Deca-core, an enhanced CPU based on X25 (2,5 GHz)
  • 500g ultra-light weight: innovations in design and technology have helped make the ultra-light body only 500g. More portable than other products of the same size. Android operating system Oreo 8.0, Wireless Network, LTE-enabled 4G: Hi9 Plus supports 4G LTE with dual SIM
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Notebook CHUWI Lapbook Pro from 429 € to 364 €

Notebook CHUWI Lapbook Pro
Notebook CHUWI Lapbook Pro
14 inches, Intel Gemini-Lake N4100, 4 / 64GB
364€ 429€
  • Screen: the design with extremely narrow frames and a screen / body ratio of around 90% makes the display of Lapbook Pro almost borderless, offering an extraordinary view. The Full Fit design from 14 inches, high resolution, captures every detail with vivid colors
  • Big Keys: designed according to European standards, the keyboard is ideal for those with large hands, much more comfortable to use and the keys are easy to reach
  • Backlit keyboard: Standard size backlit keyboard lets you work better at night, reducing eye damage
  • CPU: the new generation of Intel Gemini Lake quad-core processors at 64 bit, have 1,3 performance times faster than the best processor of the previous generation
  • Ports: through the HDMI port it can be connected to multimedia devices (TVs, projectors, etc.), the 3,5 mm audio jack can be used to connect external speakers or headphones, the Type C port can be used both for input and for recharging the battery of the laptop, which in output to charge your smartphone for example

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