ONEPLUS ONE 64GB Black at 347 Euro !!

Have you already had your invitation for OnePlus One, or are you still waiting?

For the uninitiated, OPO is also available on many e-shops, which sell it freely, without an invitation or other strange actions needed to buy it. Everything is in finding the best offer, and our friends at GearBest today report their - in my opinion - very convenient!

I don't think it is necessary to present this smartphone, let alone talk about the excellent hardware specifications, given that OPO - with on board the Cyanogen - it has made enough talk of itself: you want for the ROM, you want for the special sale through invitations or for the campaign "Smash the Past"(Campaign to get OPO to 1 $ by destroying your smartphone - following video), all Android fans have known and drooled on this device.

That said, all that remains is to leave you the coupon with which you can save more than 110 Euros. In fact, OnePlus One can currently be found at GearBest discounted at 411.19 € (full price 461.64 €), further discounted through our coupon, for a final price of 347.00 €! 

Coupon: plusOne

Do you know the best deal? Let me know!

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