Optimize Nexus 7 with Modding

It was the now distant 2012 when Google launched the first Nexus in tablet version, the Nexus 7, which still manages to compete with many of the tablets on the market, but let's face it all: the weight of the years begins to feel during everyday use, microlag, applications that start with a few seconds too much and other small aspects that could annoy those looking for the maximum fluidity. Let's not forget, however, that what we have in our hands is still a Nexus, and as such, a little modding will be enough to make it more attractive than most tablets you'll find tomorrow on the shelves of Mediaworld 🙂

THEORY - What operations are we going to do?

  1. Installation of a ROM that enhances performance and does not overburden the Nexus 7, specifically the Purity based on Android 4.4.4, an essential rom, with few additional features compared to Android Stock but more responsive.
  2. Installation of a Kernel that properly exploits the hardware of the Nexus 7, I have chosen after several tests the M-Kernel that in addition to countless features such as the Touch To Wake will automatically overclock the GPU by bringing the frequency to 416Mhz to 446Mhz. with the installation of the M-kernel the Antutu Benchmark has gone from around 16000 to over 21000!

Let's move on to the practical part.

I remind you that these operations can damage your terminal, I take no responsibility for any damage or malfunctions. This guide refers to the Nexus 7 2012 and NOT to the 2013 version !!


NB: After several searches I have not found a version of the Purity ROM for the Nexus 7 Tilapia (The WIFI + 3G version), so The following steps are valid only for Nexus 7 Grouper (the WIFI-only version).


always check the MD5sum code to verify the integrity of the downloaded file, subsequently transfer the file di ROM, gapps e Kernel in internal memory of the Nexus 7 (eg. Download folder) and restart in Recovery.

  • As a first step, check that the files you just transferred to the Nexus 7 are accessible from Recovery: select "install”And look for the 2 ROM and Kernel files in the internal memory folders, once found go back to the initial screen of the recovery and start with the modding!
  • From the main Recovery screen, select Wipe -> Advanced Wipe and from the list select: "Dalvik cache","System","cache"And"Date”This operation will remove all traces of the old ROM. WARNING! DO NOT SELECT "INTERNAL STORAGE" !! if you do this, the internal memory will be formatted, and you will find yourself without Android and without files to install which means Brick of the Nexus 7
  • from the initial screen of recovery select “install"And install the zip file of the Rom Purity
  • Select again "install”And this time install the zip file gapps
  • Select again "install”And install the zip file of the Kernel
  • Restart and enjoy the Nexus 7.

To take full advantage of the features of the new Kernel, such as the activation of the TouchToWake feature (awaken the tablet with a double tap on the screen), download the TricksterMod application from the PlayStore:

Download TricksterMod | Link

TricksterMod is an app that deals with managing Kernel features.

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you encounter difficulties during the procedure write it in the comments.

nexus7-purity nexus7-purity2
nexus7-purity1 Nexus7-AnTuTu



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