Discounted Oukitel A29 and Smartphones for Christmas

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Oukitel offers a smartwatch and two smartphones on offer. As for smartphones, there have already been offers; it is about Oukitel K4000 e Oukitel K6000 and in the links you can find features and images. Both have a price that is around 100 euros, but we'll see better at the end, where you'll also find coupons. We never talked about the smartwatch, that is Oukitel A29, so let's see the features together.

Oukitel A29

Oukitel A29 features

Oukitel A29 has a design very similar to what (in my opinion) is the wearable Android par excellence, that is Motorcycle 360 di Motorola, exactly the second edition. Obviously, it is not customizable in the same way during the purchase, but we must consider that the price is about 6 times lower.

The materials with which Oukitel A29 was assembled, however, are well made: the glass is sapphire to prevent the display from being scratched and to ensure greater impact resistance; the strap is in real leather; finally, the case is made of metal with a non-removable plastic back.

This smartwatch can interface with either Android that with iOS, has been designed to synchronize contacts and messages including apps and social media. It can also control music, camera and calls of the smartphone to which it is connected. It is also equipped with slots for Micro SIM (GSM), therefore it can also make calls independently.

Oukitel A29

The display is from 1.22 ″ with a resolution from 240 × 240 pixels, mounts an MTK2502 CPU, 64 MB of RAM, 128 of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and a battery of 320 mAh. Among the various functions we find the pedometer, sleep monitor and heart rate monitor, moreover it is waterproof with IP53 certificate. The dimensions of the case are 4.4 × 4.4 × 1.4 cm, for a total weight of just 52 grams. It is available in gold, silver and gray and has a price of 46 € if you use the coupon A29. | Buy

If you have read the features of the smartphones linked to the beginning of the post, and are interested in Oukitel K4000, you can get it at 93 € with the coupon K4000. | Buy
While Oukitel K6000 has a price of 105 € with coupon K6000. | Buy

Discounts extend throughout the month of December.


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