Paranoid Android has already released the first KitKat based ROM

If you are impatient to try Android KitKat on your Nexus 4, here is the solution. Paranoid Android (PA) has already released the AOSP Mako ROM based on the 4.4 version of Android.

The ROM can be downloaded from Official site, but WARNING! You must consider this ROM as one pre-alpha. In fact it is a ROM based simply on the AOSP codes released yesterday by Google, without any PA customization. Indeed it is very likely that it is not completely stable, therefore not recommended for everyday use.
The problems encountered so far are various crashes of Search of Calendar, but other problems could be encountered. As far as the Gapps are concerned, you can find them here.

PA-AOSP-mako PA-launcher

If you still want to try it, without giving up your ROM, I suggest you do a nice job Nandroid Backup to be able to return safely to your usual ROM.

NOTE: To flash the ROM IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED use recovery TWRP, but NEED flash the latest version of CWM available here.

If the PA server should not be reachable, try downloading the ROM from here.

Via androidpolice

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