Phonebloks: we assemble our smartphone

Not enough memory, a few megapixel camera or damaged display? Perhaps one day it will be possible to change or improve the parts of our device without buying a new one.

phoneblok-concept video

We are talking about Phonebloks, a smartphone prototype that can be assembled at will, with the hardware we prefer and without throwing everything away once a part of our device fails, as we are forced to do today in most cases .

Phonebloks is nothing more than a concept, of which there is only one video for now, but it seems very well accepted by people. We can see it from supporters who increase by hundreds per minute on the Thunderclap site, where it is possible to support this project via social networks. The goal is for 100000 supporters by 29 October, a figure that will surely be reached since the figure of almost 85000 has already been reached and there is still more than a month left.

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As we can see the smartphone could be composed of a base where it would be possible to connect all the hardware and then fix it with 2 simple screws.
Phonebloks could be an extraordinary innovation, everyone would have a device different from the other, suitable for their needs and lasting in time! But, which operating system would Phonebloks adopt? And will it be possible to have drivers for all the components? Also will other manufacturers really build hardware for another device? He will certainly talk a lot about himself.

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