Little 2.0 Launcher: Release of beta and first news

The beta version of the launcher of Pocophone has received important updates today, so much so that the team MIUI has renamed this update as a real one version 2.0. The new Little 2.0 Launcher arrives with novelties regarding design and graphics and with other really interesting improvements.

Little Launcher 2.0: The release of the beta and the first innovations

The new launcher from Pocophone, a company that we remind you is part of Xiaomi, was announced via the division's Twitter profile MIUI, the company's software development team. On the Twitter profile there is a video that contains all the major innovations introduced by the development team.

The most important novelty introduced by the developers concerns theapp drawer. In fact, the typical window that contains all the phone apps, in the new version will be even more customizable. Specifically, as seen in the video, it will be possible to choose the transparency of the window and the type of transparency, light or dark. This small addition revolutionizes, almost, the look of the launcher.

Another interesting feature, announced by Xiaomi, is the one that will allow us to create "groups" of applications and to add or remove applications quickly and easily. A small addition that will make the experience with your new one Little 2.0 Launcher really simple and fast.

Leaving aside the news, Pocophone, he also stated that his development team worked a lot on the fluidity and speed of their product. Obviously various "fixes" have been included in the update, which go to solve the bugs that the various users have reported over the last few months.

It is still not clear when the Little 2.0 Launcher will be available for everyone. For now, the company has only announced the beta version that will be released to a few beta testers. However, a final version could be released in the coming summer months. In the meantime, find the first version on the Play Store

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