Pokemon for Android: Here's how to play with your smartphone!

Pokemon longing? Find out how to get it through!

If you have spent hours playing Pokemon with the legendary GameBoy Advance as soon as you return from school, here is an article that will take you back in time.


Pokemon for Android: Here's how to play with your smartphone!

We will see how to emulate the operation of the GameBoy with Android to be able to start some of the most famous Pokémon roms, so let's see what are the steps to perform.

GameBoy Advance Emulator installation

Emulating the functioning of the GBA on Android is very simple, it will be enough to install a PlayStore application: "MyBoy"
To do this, simply click on the following link | Download in English

Thanks to the newly installed emulator you can emulate any GBA rom

Download Rom Pokemon for GameBoy Advance

Choose the version of Pokemon you prefer and download (if you have other versions of the game for GBA you can use them without problems):

Once downloaded, extract the .rar file and find the game file for gameboy advance (.gba extension) transfer it to a folder on your phone / tablet.

Starting the game

Start the MyBoy application and select the downloaded rom with the .gba extension and you will be ready to play!

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