Pokémon GO available for Download for Android and iOS [Download APK]

Pokémon GO is the new Pokémon game in virtual reality, developed by the collaboration of The Pokémon Company with GoogleNintendo.

After talking a lot about itself, Pokémon GO starts to appear officially on Play Store, but it is not compatible with our devices, however it is still possible to play it. The rollout does not yet include Italy, as the official launch date would actually be July 15.

pokemon go play store

The game will allow you to catch Pokémon around the real world; just activate the camera in the various places of the city to see them and, depending on the location, there will be different Pokémon and accessories. For example, near lakes it will be easier to find aquatic Pokémon, or rare Pokémon and Poké Balls near museums and so on!

Pokémon GO for Android

Obviously, several links are spreading on the net with theapk of the game, so it will be sufficient to download the package and install it manually. To do this it is necessary to go to the Settings, then in Safety and activate Unknown origins.

Pokémon Go Download apk

UPDATE: Available now on Play Store

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

The game is not compatible with Intel CPU and to play it is necessary that the Data connection and GPS are always active. The new Android Nougat and tablets are not yet supported.

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Pokémon GO for iOS

To download Pokémon GO for iOS, you must instead change the nationality of the App Store, then change the Apple ID to disconnect from the Italian one and connect to the Australian store.

To do this, I leave the link to the official Apple guide. | Change iTunes Region

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