Andoer projector compatible with Android at 42 Euro

If you are looking for a very economical projector, also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, then the one we are going to talk about today is right for you.

projector andoer

Andoer projector features

It is a very compact projector created by the company Andoer; the sides measure just 16.3 x 11.5 cm, while the height is 5.8 cm with a total weight of 437 grams. It mounts 3 lenses and an LED lamp with a duration of approx 20000 hours, the maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixel.

It is able to project from a minimum of 1.4 meters up to a maximum of 4 meters, for a maximum diagonal ranging from 20 "to 100 ", depending on the distance in which it is placed. The brightness is equal to 120 Lumens, while the contrast ratio is equal to 300: 1 but can reach dynamically 10000: 1.

To reproduce the sound, this projector is equipped with two stereo speakers from 2W and 8 Ohm, while as regards the compatibility of connectable devices, it has no limit. Through the 2 HDMI ports, the USB port, VGA and AV you can connect anything from a PC to a smartphone, from a tablet to an external hard drive and so on. Finally it is also equipped with a microSD slot.

projector andoer compatibility

The Andoer projector is available on TomTop a 42.13 Euros in black color. There is the menu in Italian and in the box, in addition to the projector, there are remote control, power supply, AV cable and manuals.

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