The first Project Ara prototype

Remember Project Ara, the first smartphone with interchangeable modules? The first prototype of Project Ara, which was born with the name of Phonebloks, will be presented this month and could therefore soon become a reality!

The new smartphone, which should safeguard the environment thanks to pieces removable and consequently with longer duration, will be presented with the following modules; in addition to those that we already expected, and necessary for the operation, such as battery, processor, memories, etc., modules such as: a module to view the level of oxygen in the blood, a thermal imaging module, And a infrared camera still under development.

The intent of Google (which we remember bought this project) is to launch Project Ara on the market at a very low price. Apparently it will be sold alone 50$ with the basic modules: memory, processor, screen and battery. If so, the retail price of the individual modules would seem very paltry, and it would also be possible to personalize your terminal to the maximum according to your needs!


I look forward to such a terminal, and you? Would you give us a little thought?

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