Pushbullet: Android notifications on PC, file exchange, links and more!

Pushbullet is an application that allows to view notifications of our devices directly on the PC via an extension for Chrome or Firefox.

To make it work we need to install the application on our terminal and log in with the Google account. Then visit the place and do the same, finally install the extension on the browser. If the Android version is lower than the 4.3 you must also activate the services through the settings of our device or directly from the Application Settings. From the latter we can also change the notification ringtone and most importantly which applications and which ones should not be notified to the PC.

The other interesting function is the ability to send files, notes, links, lists and addresses both from the PC to the phone and vice versa or, if you like, to some friends. This information will be displayed on the phone as normal status bar notifications and opened using the right apps. For example if we send an address to our device we can open it Maps, Earth or other similar apps.

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