Pushbullet updates and introduces the channels

Almost a year ago, he was born Pushbullet, an application to easily exchange links and files between an Android device and any PC, simply by installing the app on the device and the dedicated extension on the supported browser.

Since then, the app has been greatly improved and new features have been introduced, making PushBullet a must have. In the latest updates, notifications have been introduced on the PC, later with the possibility of replying. With the latest update, which took place today, the channels e anyone can create and send Push through their channel to all members. Creating a channel is easy and immediate, just insert a tag, a name and an image; then just click on the automatically generated button - or search for the tag via Pushbullet - to register.
Very useful for blogs: it is possible to set up your own feed so that all subscribers receive notification of a new article instantly, which can then be revisited in the same channel. Obviously it is not a real feed reader, reading through Pushbullet would be impossible, however it is possible to open - or if you prefer, share - the push with all the apps installed on the phone.

Push test and article feed

Push test and article feed

If you use Pushbullet and want to receive our Push directly on your device, update Pushbullet, so search and add inthebit among your channels.
If it's not among your installed applications, I highly recommend installing it

Download Pushbullet | Link

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