QGifer: Create animated Gifs from a video

After creating a GIF animation with GIMP we will see how to achieve the same result by using a very simple program suitable for all those who are not very familiar with GIMP.

QGifer is an application opensource and multiplatform that allows to extract part of a video e create an animated GIF: who often uses social networks knows very well the funny animations that are shared every day, in this article we will illustrate how to make one in a very short time.


QGifer can be downloaded from Official site or, if you use Ubuntu we can install it directly from the repository by typing the following terminal commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: samrog131 / ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qgifer

QGifer supports videos composed by maximum 8000 frame: if our video exceeds this value, the program will warn us that it will not be processed so we will have to use a video editor, for example Piviti, with which we will cut a portion of the video to feed it to QGifer.


In this guide we will create a GIF from a video found on youtube which I downloaded using youtube-dl whose operation we have already tested in this article.

We load the video in QGifer by clicking on the icon "Open Video"Highlighted in the figure:


Now we just have to establish the size of our GIF image:

  • We take the original size of the video in order to keep the proportions by clicking on "From current frame"
  • tick the checkbox "Keep ratio" so that the proportions are respected when resizing the image
  • choose the image format by changing a value of your choice among Width e Height (changing only one of these 2 options, the other will adapt to respect the proportions)
  • Finally select the portion of the video from which we want to create the GIF animation using thelast bar at the bottom below the preview of the movie


After setting the options we move on to create our animation by clicking on "Extract GIF"A window will open that will show the progress of the process, at the end of which we can finally see our GIF image

extract GIF

It is also possible to insert a text or an image to our animation specifying also the frame in which it is displayed, the position (simply moving it with the mouse), the colors and other various options.

Below I attach the GIF created during this guide:

GIF example

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