Quickoffice: office suite for android

Removed from the Play Store!

Quick office is a complete office suite developed by Google specifically for Android and with which big G aims to outperform the competition by providing users the ability to view and modify virtually any format of our documents, specifically: 

  • Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • open and view PDF files
  • upload / share files via Google Drive.
  • attach files created directly by Quickoffice
quickoffice quickoffice

The simplicity in the realization of documents directly from our smartphone is remarkable: the interface is very user-friendly and allows us to carry out quite complex operations in a few minutes, such as creating tables or inserting formulas in the spreadsheet as well as the creation of excellent power point presentations; unfortunately it does not support Open document (.odt) formats, we hope that in the future Google will fill this big gap, especially considering that it has always been the strong point of open source.

quickoffice quickoffice

Quickoffice is compatible with IOS devices, so in summary it exceeds any other document viewer both for compatibility with the supported formats and for the possibilities offered in the creation / modification of already existing files, a "must have" for anyone with a smartphone.

Integration with Google drive expands its use, making our documents available wherever we need them; Quickoffice can be downloaded from the Play store for free.

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