Quizduello: after Ruzzle and Drawsomething you still put yourself and your friends to the test

For those who love quiz games and don't want to give up the fun with friends, here Quizduello, the new easy-to-use android game: just install the app from Play store, create a profile and you are ready to challenge thousands of people. After Ruzzle, which tests the knowledge of one's own language e Draw something, which is fun even for the little ones to draw, comes a new game, just as interactive, but that puts its culture to the test.

The game provides 25000 questions e 20 categories on which to challenge each other, science, wellness & health, languages ​​& literature, video games, the course of events, technology, current events and many more.

Every challenge involves 6 trials, each of which with 3 questions belonging to a category, alternatively chosen by you and your opponent, and if 6 trials are not enough to prove their skills to win, you can ask for a rematch; but it does not end here, you can create a list of favorite friends, without the need to search for them whenever you want to challenge them.

QuizDuello Quiz-duel

What to say more, a game for the older ones, but also for the little ones who want to put themselves to the test and are not afraid of losing. The only flaw? In the free version contains much publicity and poor connections suffer a little too often, often losing the signal.

La Premium version the € 2,69, eliminates advertising, allows the creating a personalized avatar and gives the possibility to add new questions. Finally this fabulous app allows you to share the results with facebook and twitter, so that the most perfidious can humiliate their friends in real time. | Download in English

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