Angry Birds GO Review

As I announced in a old article, today the new Rovio home game has arrived, Angry Birds GO, which unlike all the previous chapters, this one follows a bit the style of the old Super Mario Kart. In fact, the goal of the game is no longer to destroy the little pigs but to beat them in challenges on karts.

I've played a few games and the first impressions are positive. The gameplay is not bad, the graphics are well taken care of and the game quite fluid. We also like the physics, in fact we can fight opponents by sending them off the track and gain ground. The levels are well structured, there are various game modes, including timed racing, collecting fruit, single encounters and challenges with characters that we will be able to use throughout the story once beaten. By unlocking the various characters, new tracks are also unlocked that require higher performance cars, which can be improved by collecting coins during races or by winning them. 
Each track has its own game modes, each divided into several levels. Once we have passed all the levels, we unlock the challenges. These will give us goals to get even more coins and in some cases crystals that are used to activate special powers during competitions.

At each race, our character will tire, losing one health point out of five available. Finished these will no longer be possible to compete unless changing characters or waiting around 25 minutes to regenerate a point. The cars available are in all 7 and only 3 are free, the others must be bought through the Play Store and to give an idea of ​​the price a car discounted at 50% costs 9 €. Certainly, however, it will be possible to continue the game with free cars, given that by boosting the car to the maximum it will increase in level, aesthetically changing, increasing displacement and allowing further modifications.

In conclusion the game is more or less as I expected it, with the difference that the special powers are not available on the track (as I thought) but everyone has their own power and can only be activated once for free or more times by consuming diamonds. Obviously it is not in itself a racing game, comparable to titles like Real Racing 3, Most Wanted and the like, but it's a nice pastime and fun at the same time.
Finally there are power-ups in limited numbers that can be activated at the start of the race, but there seems to be no way to recharge them or at least I couldn't find it.


As you can see, although the game is based on racing, Rovio has not abandoned the slingshot that millions of people used to destroy fortresses and green pigs, but implemented it to start the race. To start the race we must in fact pull back the sling elastic and choose the launch direction within the classic 3 seconds of the countdown and launch the Kart to the GO. Download

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