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INTRODUCTION: Most likely a partnership between InTheBit e GearBest. GearBest, for those not already familiar with it, is a Chinese e-commerce that sells electronic products (and not only) of good quality and at a reasonable price.

WHAT WOULD THE PARTNERSHIP DO ?: First of all some of the products could be tested by us first, to give a judgment of the product. Secondly, for our readers there will be an additional discount via coupon, to be applied at the time of purchase. Finally, for any problem, since we are in direct contact with GearBest, we will offer you our support.


  • The solar charger
  • instructions in English
  • a USB / micro USB cable
  • an adapter for Apple devices
  • a carabiner
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Let's start talking about the dimensions of this solar charger: long 14,2 cm, for 7,5 in width and 1,36 in height for a total of about 150 g; we can compare it (height apart) to approximately a smartphone from 5 ″.

The charger consists of a battery from 5000 mAh powered by a solar panel from 1,2 W or alternatively by electricity, like a normal smartphone. In the first case, the battery takes about 13 hours to fully charge, in the second it uses from 5 7 hours. However in the instructions it is advised not to load only and exclusively in the sun, especially if it is very strong.
On the edges we find instead - looking at the object from above (as in the photo) - on the left the standard micro USB port to recharge the internal battery and a USB port from A 1 to recharge our smartphone, on the right instead a second USB port (1 A too, to charge a second device, even simultaneously) and an LED flashlight that can be activated by double pressing the power button, which we find in the front, just above the solar panel. With a single press of the power button, we activate the notification LEDs on the left of the button, which notify us of the battery status. We find 4: each one corresponds to a percentage of the battery. If everyone is logged in, this is loaded at 100%; if only 3 are turned on it is charged at 75% or slightly more and so on.
Finally, the first notification LED (the one that should represent the 25%) lights up green when the solar charger is powered by a light source.

solar-charger-side-right left edge

Strong Shockproof, Super waterproof and dustproof

In the product description, we note that the solar charger is very resistant to shocks, water and dust. I did not do any drop tests, nor did I immerse it in water, but with the rubber protection in the corners it is easy to see that yes, it can do well with bumps, but a little less with water, since the rubber which acts as a protection is not completely fixed, but tends to move easily. All in all, some splashes of water will not cause any damage, but the description Strong waterproof I don't think it's appropriate.

Charge experience

With the output from 1 A, 5 V, a normal 2000 mAh battery takes about 3 hours (or something more) to fully recharge. With a full charge, an 2000 mAh battery can be recharged 70 times the radiating power,. During charging, the solar charger notification LEDs remain lit, thus indicating the charge percentage of the latter.
During charging, the process can be interrupted by pressing the power button: the LEDs will turn off and the phone will stop charging, without disconnecting the USB cable.
To charge two devices at the same time, the solar charger must be sufficiently charged. Finally, you can charge any device because, in addition to the cable supplied, you can use any USB cable.

SAFETY: The batteries, if discharged completely, can be permanently damaged. As is now the case in many devices, this solar battery charger, if it reaches a critical state of the battery, switches off automatically, so as not to be damaged!


The price at the moment is 12,70 €, but you can use the following coupon by 23 September to save a few euros: GBYDTML. The shipping costs are free and in about 2 weeks you should receive the item.
If you are interested in buying, find the charger for this link, if you want to throw an eye to the other solar chargers, instead, you find them at this link.

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