Review Choetech BH-003 BT 4.1 wireless in-ear headphones

Review Choetech BH-003. I tried these earphones for about a month, so in this article we will see in detail how they behaved and especially if this brand is trustworthy that you probably never heard of before.


Inside the package we find:

  • headphones Choetech BH-003
  • a small USB - microUSB cable for charging
  • 4 pairs of rubber pads plus those already present on the earphones: 5 pairs in all of different sizes
  • 2 pairs of rubber hooks plus those already mounted on the earphones: 3 pairs all around to adapt them to any ear pin
  • A plastic cable clip useful for reducing the cable that connects the two earphones
  • Instructions for Use


The headphones consist of two earphones and a wire that connects them to one another. These are excellent quality headphones, made up of the following materials: ABS + polycarbonate + Small businesses. The earphones have a more or less oval shape; on the back we find the Choetech logo and a chrome edge. The dimensions of the single earpiece (without rubber hook) are approximately 2.0 x 1.4 x 2.5 cm; the cable is around 60 centimeters long and can be shortened with the supplied cable clamp; the total weight is less than 20 grams.

The grip of the rubber pads with the ear is excellent, thanks also to the rubber hooks; they can be worn safely during a race without the risk of them slipping away. Another very positive aspect is the jointing of the rubber pads with the earpiece itself: you have to put yourself commitment to remove or add the rubber to the earpiece, a very positive aspect because it prevents the grommet from coming out easily and getting lost.


An interesting aspect of the Choetech BH-003 is the certification IPX4, which guarantees a slight resistance to water, especially to sweat since the headphones have been designed especially for sports.

About 10 centimeters from the right earpiece we find the part relating to the controls. 3 keys, the microphone, BT 4.1 with APTX and A2DP, notification LED and the micro USB port with rubber protection are available. The dimensions of this controller are approximately 3.8 x 0.9 x 0.6 cm. The 3 keys are multi-function and have different functions depending on the pressure:


  • with a pressure it increases / decreases the volume
  • with a long press changes audio track during music playback


  • with a pressure we pause / play the music
  • a double press will automatically start a call to the last number in the call log
  • during the call the function can be activated Mute with double pressure
  • you can refuse an incoming call with a long press of a second
  • finally, very convenient function, when there is no activity in progress, with a prolonged pressure of one second Google Now is launched: here we can indulge and dictate voice commands without using the phone (even with the screen off) and we can therefore make calls, send SMS, messages on Telegram and WhatsApp, carry out searches and all that Google Now offers.

Switching to the LED, this has the function of signaling the status of the headphones thanks to the alternation of two colors, red and blue, and to the pulse frequency. For example, it will alert you to battery status, device pairing, etc.

Another type of warning is audio: an entry (in English) will inform us about some actions: device pairing, power on / off and calls.


The sound quality is quite good but not excellent. The bass and treble of Choetech BH-003 are all in all average, while the volume didn't particularly impress me: it's high and very clean, even at most it doesn't lose quality, but I would have liked a few more decibels. Discrete insulation, even with the maximum volume, we won't bother people close to each other.

Very good audio in calls. The same goes for the microphone: it works just fine despite not being very close to the mouth. The latter is also equipped with noise reduction.

To this, however, I must add that I found a minor disturbance. During playback I rarely had a break of a few milliseconds. It happened to me rarely and only with my smartphone, on another device I didn't have similar problems, but I want to clarify it.


The battery has a capacity of 74 mAh and autonomy is more than good: they are easily overcome 4 hours playing music. Full recharging takes place in approximately 2 hours and the notification LED will alert us from red to blue. Excellent standby: the House declares 155 hours, that is about 6 days and a half of autonomy. Well, after using them for about an hour and leaving them turned off for about 3 days, I found the same level of battery again; still used for almost 2 hours, the battery level exceeds 50% (according to the Android notification).


All in all the Choetech BH-003 are good value for money headphones. The aesthetic part does not mind and the use is quite comfortable even after an hour. More than good, Bluetooth works perfectly even if you leave your smartphone in another room.

Choetech BH-003 headphones can be found on Amazon at 23.99 euros, but currently a coupon of 4.99€ that you find on the same product page. The total price will therefore be 19 euros.

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