Review Choetech support multi-angle smartphone and tablet

Recently the company Choetech asked me to try and review some of their products. In this review we will quickly see the first: a multi-corner desk support compatible with any smartphone and tablet. The review will be very quick, as we are talking about a really simple product.

Review Choetech support multi-angle price


The product comes in a small package with inside:

  • Instructions for use in English
  • Assistance sheet
  • Il desk support, composed of two parts to be assembled.


The support is in fact composed of two components: the base horizontal and a second surface vertical to be mounted on the first base in order to support the device. They are made of black plastic (or better ABS), very sturdy, rigid and resistant.

Horizontal base

The lower surface of the base is made up of 4 rubber feet, which really guarantee excellent adhesion with the contact surface, thus preventing the support from slipping. On the sides we find two guides in which the base will flow vertical support and above, in the center, 5 holes to fit the support base.

In the front part of the upper surface we find the logo, a plastic stop to lock the device and immediately behind a rubber strip perfectly stuck in the base. This, once the device is placed, will create excellent friction to prevent the latter from slipping away from the support itself. The dimensions are: 7.3 x 8.3 cm, the thickness is of 1 cm, 1.6 cm at the point where the stop is located.

Vertical base

The vertical base is not perpendicular, but has an inclination of approximately 105 ° compared to the base. In the lower part it is rounded to fit together and slide into the guides of the horizontal base, while on the back it comes out'interlocking which will enter one of the 5 holes of the horizontal base to avoid sliding and determine the position. To move it from one hole to another it is sufficient to lightly press the joint and move the vertical base forward or backward. The dimensions are 6 cm (height) for 7.8 cm; The thickness is about 3.5 cm.

Assembled support

From the first to the last hole, the device resting on the support will take on a different inclination: it will go from a minimum of 105 ° (first hole) to a maximum of 125 ° (last hole). Thus, between one hole and another, the inclination varies from 5 °. The space between the vertical base and the block, on the other hand, ranges from a minimum of 1 cm to a maximum of 4 cm.

The support, once assembled, reaches a height of about 6.5 cm, while the width of the lower base increases slightly at the points where it connects with the vertical base. The total weight is negligible; I have not been able to weigh it, but it does not reach 50 grams. I rely on the technical sheet which reports about 40 grams.

Finally, as far as compatibility is concerned, it can be used to support any brand and size of smartphones and tablets.


In conclusion, I found no problems with Choetech's multi-angle support. The things that surprised me most are the strength of the materials and the adherence to the desk, which increases considerably with a device above thanks to the additional weight. In my opinion, thanks to the adjustable angle and excellent adhesion, it is very useful for those who spend a lot of time watching videos / movies on smartphones or tablets.


Choetech's multi-angle support costs 6.99 Euros on Amazon, to which you will have to add the shipping costs if you buy it individually. I honestly think it's money well spent, but at 5 Euro it would have been ideal.

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