Video Review DOOGEE Y100 Pro Valencia2

After so long - finally - ours comes review of DOOGEE Valencia2 Y100 Pro. Unfortunately for various commitments it has been more than a month since the arrival of the device to the publication (it is also true that I have tested it longer), but let's not get lost in small talk and go straight to the review.
See also the our first video review and give us some advice on how to improve the next 🙂

The DOOGEE Y100 Pro is online at around 100 Euro and it is currently possible to buy it for yourself 88 euros on Everbuying (instead of 105) thanks to the coupon Y100PRO, thus saving more than 17 Euro | Buy
Let's find out if it's worth it!

DOOGEE Y100 Pro Box

Let's start by taking a quick look at the contents of the box which, in addition to the smartphone, contains a second film, the fast guide (not very useful - more than anything else in short, describes the smartphone), the European 1 Ampere charger, USB cable and in-ear headphones. These, unfortunately, do not have spare rubber pads, so we have to like them as they are, however the audio quality is not bad at all, moreover the cable is flat to avoid intertwining.

PHOTO - Click to enlarge

Features | 8

The dimensions of the DOOGEE Y100 Pro are 14.26 × 7.21 × 0.935 cm for a total weight of 151 grams that initially they make themselves felt: in reality it is not heavy, but the contained dimensions make the weight seem a little excessive; a few grams less would have been ideal. Discrete ergonomics, it holds quite well in one hand and you can easily reach every corner of the screen. It has a good grip even if the materials are nothing but plastic - polycarbonate exactly - although the back cover has a metallic effect, but that of metal has nothing. The latter is well welded to the device: after a month of use no crunching has occurred, but the difficult part (if we want to say so) is to remove it. The only two colors available are silver (ours) and gray (barely darker).

Below it we immediately find the battery from 2200 mAh, also removable, the slot for microSD (for a maximum of 128 GB) and two SIM slots, one normal, one micro, both 4G, compatible with all frequencies, 800 MHz included; excellent switch from one card to another, as now on almost all devices that mount SoC Mediatek.

As for the rest, instead, we find power button and volume rocker on the right edge, only the microphone at the bottom, microUSB port and 3.5mm jack at the top and, finally, completely clean the left edge. Behind, however, in addition to the "13 MP" camera with flash, we have the case placed at the bottom.

Photo - Click to enlarge

In the front we find the second camera from "8 MP", the brightness sensor and the proximity sensor that can also be useful to manage the now widespread Air Gesture. The keys, soft touch, Are without backlight and, unfortunately, the notification LED is missing which I can no longer give up.

Display | 9.5

Moving on to the screen, I have to say that it's really a great panel, which really deserves a lot. Let's start by saying it's a 5 "IPS with a resolution from 1280 × 720 pixel - so HD - with more than good colors considering the price range, especially for whites. Obviously black does not reach the maximum as it would on an Amoled display, but it was to be expected.
The viewing angle is also perfect.

Photo - Click to enlarge
Doogee-Y100-Pro-viewing-angle-sx Doogee-Y100-Pro-viewing-angle-dx

There is no lack of gestures when the screen is off and we find some preset ones to perform certain actions on the fly (unlocking, music, camera, etc.) and other configurable options to launch our favorite apps. Also present is the awakening with double touch; each gesture can be activated individually.

With regard to the brightness, this also surprised me a lot, excellent in all light conditions, too under the sun; the light sensor does its job well, always giving the perfect brightness level; however, reflections are not lacking, but this still affects most of the displays on the market. The only flaw of this display is that unfortunately it is not oleophobic, For nothing, and easily tends to get dirty, maybe a little too much. Perfect as well touch, quite accurate without losing a touch. Congratulations to DOOGEE for choosing this panel (SHARP if I'm not mistaken), it deserves a lot. I find it even better than the display on my OnePlus One.

Data sheet and services | 9

CPU MediaTek MT6735 Quad-core 1 GHz 64-Bit
GPU ARM Mali-T760
ROM 16 GB (12 + available) expandable up to 128GB
Display 5 ″ IPS OGS 1920 × 1080 pixel HD, 2.5D 320 PPI Gorilla Glass
System Android 5.1
camera 13 MP with rear flash, 8 MP front
Battery 2200 mAh (3 + hours screen on)
Dimensions 14.26 × 7.21 × 0.935 x 151 grams
Connettività Dual SIM 4G Dual standby, GPS, A-GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0,
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 900 / 1900 / 2100MHz
4G: LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
More OTG, Hotknot, proximity sensor, brightness sensor, air gesture, on-screen gesture

This Y100 Pro is the demonstration that a good terminal is not judged at all based on the price, nor by the hardware, which is important, but it is not decisive as far as the user experience is concerned. In fact as a CPU we find a MediaTek 6735 Quad Core @1GHz side by side 2GB di RAM and from an ARM Mali-T760 GPU (with maximum frequency at 650 MHz). Components more than sufficient to move Android 5.1 thanks to the fantastic optimization by the manufacturer: in fact, in this month of abundant use it is not may manifested a single jamming of the device, neither restarts or various problems, and the 2GB of RAM are more than enough to excellently manage the multitasking: the system occupies around the 200MB of RAM, without running games we have up to 1.5 GB free. But above all, an aspect not to be underestimated, the heating is not excessive even during the intense gaming sessions, in which after passing the 30-60 minutes the back becomes barely warm, nothing that can annoy (between 40 ° and 50 ° second CPU-Z). During normal use I never felt any kind of heating (telephone used during August)

Temperatures after 30'-40 'game session - Click to enlarge

Temperatures after 30′-40 game session ′

Speaking of gaming, we've tried Asphalt 8, which advised us the average default settings: we set them to maximum and yes, some micro lag rarely happens, but all in all the gaming experience is more than fair (I did several games and unlocked several goals without the slightest problem ). Finally, the score obtained with Antutu Benchmark slightly exceeds i 19000 points.

GPS is also excellent and satellite hooking is fast. The NFC is missing, replaced however by Hotknot, Mediatek's alternative to the NFC. We couldn't test it as it is the only device we have with this technology, but in short it should use a particular sensor on the display to transfer data. However, theOTG that works very well: tested with both mouse and USB key.

The total memory is approx 16GB, expandable up to 128GB via SD card. At first startup the memory dedicated to the user is little more than 12 GB. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test an external card, but if I am not mistaken the apps can be installed easily on SD


Software | 9

We have already said that the smartphone thinks about it Android 5.1. A really well optimized version with little customization by DOOGEE: very fluid, without lag, as I never expected from such an inexpensive device; I did not like the style of the icons and the very black settings in black, but they are tastes. Few pre-installed apps: among these we have two browsers that do not guarantee a good browsing experience, but can be easily solved with Opera.
A very interesting app is instead DG Xender which allows you to exchange files in LAN with PC (fast access via QR Code) or with other devices; in the second case it gives us the possibility to access an already existing group or to create a new one to host more devices.
Beautiful interface in material design, both on the device and on the web interface, easy to use and fairly complete: the web application allows you to browse the device's gallery, listen to music, manage all files, uninstall apps and more.

Here are some screens - click to enlarge:

Web App

Among the few customizations I have already mentioned the presence of App Permission which serves precisely to manage which applications can access certain functions (GPS, log access, calls, camera, ...). In addition to this we find Miravision, useful for managing colors, temperature, saturation and other screen parameters with settings already set or manually. The management of several users (Lollipop's Guest Mode so to speak) works well enough that I remember completely absent on Elephone P7000, although they seem to have a fairly similar system.

Camera | 5

If in all respects seen so far it would seem an almost perfect smartphone, something that has not convinced me there is: the camera. The shots, at first glance, do not seem to be so bad, but if you zoom in you notice a really high noise. The light conditions or anything else that may affect the quality have little to do with it. It is precisely the camera and its optimization that is scarce. With or without flash, inside or outside ... the photos don't give much satisfaction. Good autofocus instead.
The back camera, on paper, is one 13 MP but it is easy to see that even lowering the quality to 12 or to 8 MP the result is almost identical. The internal one is from 8 MP and here too the noise is noticed.
If you are looking for a device with an excellent camera, the DOOGEE Y100 Pro is not it's for you. Although I hope that in the future it can be optimized with some software updates.

Here are the shots, loaded up Google+ let us know yours!

Audio | 7.5

As we have already seen, the loudspeaker is located at the rear, below. The quality is good, it does not excel: the volume is quite strong, but at most it loses some quality and the bass seems almost absent. There are options for optimization but they do not do any miracle if they do not further alter the maximum volume level. Overall nothing to complain, more than good for a smartphone that is around 100 €.
The audio in the capsule is normal, nothing to say. The same goes for the microphone, no one has ever complained about low voice or various disturbances.

Battery | 6

The battery is average. Let's talk about 2200 mAh.
Il Battery drain it is not excessive and the day is easily covered with normal use, but overall it is difficult to pass the 3 hours of screen on by alternating between WiFi and data.
You can get a few minutes more autonomy thanks to the permissions of the app, a function similar to that of CyanogenMod but not as complete as the latter. Function that I find very useful for apps like Facebook that weigh so much on the battery.
However DOOGEE boasts the Y100 Pro as a device capable of reaching the 70% in just 30 minutes!
NO. It's not true. In an hour, from off, it is almost difficult to reach the 50%. A full charge takes around two hours. An improvement can only be seen with a charger from 2A.

Below are some screenshots of battery life. The photos are ordered two by two.

Conclusions | 8

Overall the DOOGEE Y100 Pro is really a great Smartphone, perhaps the best in its price range (~ 100 €). It is perfect for those who love a simple but at the same time fluid and very stable device; greater autonomy - and possibly a notification LED - would have made this terminal perfect (for me!). Therefore I would say that it is able to satisfy a good part of users.
It is not the ideal smartphone for those who particularly love photography as we have seen above.

If you are interested in this Smartphone at the moment the lowest price on the web is 88 euros on Everbuying, using the coupon Y100PRO after adding it to the cart. -> Buy

NOTE: Shipping costs are free and the package takes around 20 days to reach the destination. Alternatively you can choose a faster courier, paying a few euros more. From experience, however, I recommend you choose free shipping and to wait a few more days, since it is more difficult for customs duties to be applied, as opposed to those with the paid one 😉

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