Elephone P7000 review

Okay, we arrived at the time of the review of this smartphone, theElephone P7000, one of the latest arrivals from China and that is doing so much discussion of itself thanks to its characteristics and the low price that is around 200 Euro.
[Unfortunately I could not make a video review, I will be equipped for the next reviews]

An technical which boasts an Octa Core processor @1.7GHz 64bit, 3GB of RAM, an FHD display from 5.5 ″ with 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution with 400 PPI, a 3400 mAh battery and Android 5.0 is enough to place Elephone P7000 as best Smartphone on the market (obviously for quality / price ratio)?

Unfortunately not, it is not only the technical card that allows a device to win the title of best Smartphone, but many factors come into play; so now we're going to analyze them individually to establish all the pros and cons of Elephone P7000 and whether it's worth buying or not.

Let us make it clear that these analyzes and grades are considered based on price.

During these weeks of testing my Elephone received 3 updates which brought several improvements.

Materials | 7

The dimensions are very generous due to the very large display: 15.5 × 7.67 × 0.93 cm for a total of about 180 grams (various cards show 160). It is not a featherweight: with constant use the 180 grams are felt.

As for the materials, instead, we find a metal frame at the edges, while the back, or the cover, has only a metallic effect and on this I would have to say something. After numerous detachment-attacks, one begins to hear various crunches; but we must also consider that I have detached it and reattached it more than necessary. Nothing to say about the grip, good.


The notification LED placed at the bottom center, on the home button is very convenient, customizable for certain events (such as SMS, calls, general notifications) with the main colors, but I don't like it for one reason: its task is not only that to notify, in fact also goes to turn on at the pressure of any hardware key (excluding power button, which of course blocks the device). There is the possibility to change the color, but the one to deactivate this feature is missing (the only solution is to set the brightness to minimum). That is, the hardware keys are not lit or drawn, only this light comes on AFTER having touched them. I don't find a sense of that.

Hardware | 9

We already know the hardware, but how does it behave?

During these weeks of use I have never experienced slowdowns, the hardware runs well more or less all the apps. Even heavy games with good graphics go quite well; I found random micro lag only on Modern Combat 5, otherwise the hardware is promoted with full marks.

A praise must be made to the fingerprint reader post under the rear camera, which manages to handle up to 5 different footprints, with a really impressive responsiveness and with an almost non-existent margin of error. Also useful for protecting applications from prying eyes.

Sensors | 6

Particular attention should be given to the sensors. The accelerometer is nothing short of perfect, but I can't say the same about the proximity sensor. This - although it can be calibrated - has problems during calls: by moving the smartphone close to the ear, the display turns off, but moving it away is quite likely not to turn back on.

Display | 6

The display, alas, is the weak point of this Elephone P7000. Yes, I consider the price, but I consider that all the actions performed on a Smartphone pass from the display.

As for the colors, nothing to criticize, apart from the white which is not very bright; what put me in difficulty is instead the touch screen, which during a quick typing loses some shots, otherwise it behaves well. Another point I would have given to the brightness, had it not been for the last OTA received the June 8.

The brightness on Elephone P7000 was really painful in the sunlight, but it was due to a bug in the system that didn't allow it to be maximized. Therefore, bringing the brightness selector over half did not notice any variation; half was the maximum brightness limit, making it very low. Fortunately it has been solved, but in the light of day it doesn't give the maximum however.

Just as I write, I receive another update (the third one) which introduces a very good news: Miravision. This new option, located in Settings -> Display, allows you to further improve colors with preset settings or manually (contrast, sharpness, etc.). Very welcome, I missed it!

Gesture | 10

Fine gestures. In total we have well 13 gesture different to use with screen off, 6 of which are preset, such as awakening with double touch, camera launcher, music controls, etc. The other 7 can be customized to launch favorite apps on the fly. All can be activated / deactivated individually.

Audio | 7

The audio on Elephone P7000 is quite high, but let us not be fooled by the "double case" at the bottom, because one (the left one) actually it is not a real case.
elephone-p7000-speakersIn the audio settings we also have the possibility of improve quality and to increase the volume, with the risk however that the audio begins to croak. There is also the possibility of optimizing the sound in the headphones, an option that I prefer to leave disabled because it does not improve quality (tested with OnePlus headphones), better to set everything by hand from the integrated music player equalizer.

As for the audio on call, from a capsule it feels quite clear and clean, but not strong enough for noisy environments, the speakerphone on the other hand has a lower volume than that obtained when playing audio and video.

Microphone | 3

The microphone, on the other hand, does not do its job well, with the result that during calls it seems that the phone is 20 centimeters away from us. The interlocutor will have difficulty hearing us. The same applies to recordings, the recorded audio is very low.

Camera | 8

The Elephone P7000 cameras are not bad at all, great with sunlight. Of course, the result of an SLR is not to be expected, we always talk about a smartphone - a smartphone under 200 € - but the shots are much more than appreciable. The situation changes in poorly lit environments: the flash (single) still continues to give discreet shots, but without the help of this, the photos begin to lose quality and the colors tend to red (with the latest update we can see a lot of less).

Here are some shots (I lightened them up a bit so as not to make the page too heavy - click on the photos to enlarge them and read the lighting conditions)

Photo indoors
day few light normal light flash
Outdoor photo
elephone-p7000-open- (1) elephone-p7000-open- (2) elephone-p7000-open- (3) elephone-p7000-open- (4)
elephone-p7000-open- (5) -HDR elephone-p7000-open- (6) elephone-p7000-open- (7) -HDR elephone-p7000-open- (8)
elephone-p7000-open- (9) -2X elephone-p7000-open- (10) -4X elephone-p7000-open- (11) elephone-p7000-open- (12) 4x

The interface of the application is perhaps a little older, but it offers many features, customizations and filters. Among the many features we have the panorama mode, a mode for moving subjects, face beauty and multi-angle shots. There is also an option to take photos with voice commands in Chinese or English. In English just say cheese; it is necessary to change the language (default Chinese) from the settings.

Battery | 8

I was expecting something more from an 3400 mAh battery, but the duration satisfied me. With average use - both in WiFi and 3G, with particular use of social media, video and calls and with synchronization always active - it manages to reach the total duration of 1 day and a half with almost 4 hours of screen on. While on the days when I stressed him more, he also managed to overcome the 4 hours of screen, obviously at the expense of the total duration. In short, the day covers it all.

Elephone-P7000-term-battery Elephone-P7000-term-battery-screen

If the battery life is long, the charge cycle is no less due to the charger just 1A. A full charge exceeds the 3 hours.

GPS | 9

In all the tests carried out he behaved really well. Hook the signal in an instant; nothing to criticize

Dual SIM management | 9

Elephone P7000 has two SIM slots: a normal one, a micro. The settings allow you to choose the definitive card for Internet use, but you can change it at any time with an operation that takes around 10 seconds. The same applies to calls and text messages: we can choose our preferred card or make sure that we are asked which card to use a moment before making the call.

Screenshot_2015-06-20-17-23-35 Screenshot_2015-06-20-17-19-57

System | 8

On board the Elephone P7000 we find Android 5.0 (almost) stock with indispensable GApps. The only flaw of the system is the use of RAM that is around 1.5 GB. However, as I wrote in the hardware section, there are no slow downs or lags. The launcher, also with some minor tweaks, shows notifications for some apps.

The proprietary ROM is born with some customization, but at the same time with some missing features. For example, there is no possibility to set different users and guests, but it is not a security problem as we can deny access to every single app via the fingerprint reader.

Among the few customizations present, however, we have the choice to set the automatic start and permissions of each application; we can therefore deny that a given app has access to contacts, GPS or camera, just to give some examples.


In the box, in addition to the Smartphone, we find the 1A battery charger, a protective film (another is already applied), a glass film and an S-View flip cover: this, by means of the proximity sensor, turns the display on and off and shows date, time and notifications in a circular crop, which can be customized using the settings

IMG_20150620_170847 IMG_20150620_172950

Conclusion | 7

We have seen the pros and cons and there is also to add that Elephone P7000 will have support for other ROMs: the first CyanogenMod 12.1 in beta is already ticked on the forum.

All in all I don't consider it a bad Smartphone, but honestly the poor functionality of the microphone and the slightly noisy rear body left a bitter taste in my mouth. I hope that with the next updates the microphone will also be fixed, but I'm not sure it's just a software problem.
I would say, therefore, that it is good for those who: love large displays; they use the Smartphone more than anything else for Social apps; they look for a good autonomy and a good fluidity.

However, it is a Smartphone that is already selling thousands of copies; in fact the guides on theOTA error and onElephone P7000 update have received comments from various owners. I hope to hear them and your opinions, to understand if the problems of my Elephone concern only me or the Smartphone itself.

For those wishing to buy it, instead, find it on GearBest in pre-order (at the moment it counts more than 2500 pre-orders!) to 211 Euro. The coupon previously provided has now expired, I will try to get another one for the next few days 😉

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