Review EZVIZ C6N: 1080p camera less than 50 euro

Friends of, as mentioned in the last one EZVIZ review I told you about here, today I want to tell you my impressions about the new indoor camera, the EZVIZ C6N. I tell you right away that this time too we are faced with an above-average camera both in terms of build quality and image quality.

Review EZVIZ C6N

Ezviz C6n 1080p video camera review


As for the EZVIZ CTQ3W, the packaging that contains the camera and the accessories is well made, solid and elegant, all the objects contained inside are well guarded and protected from possible shocks. Even in this case, the sensation at first glance is undoubtedly positive.

Inside the package we find:

  • The EZVIZ C6N video camera
  • A practical adhesive useful when drilling holes for wall mounting (3 screws included)
  • Power supply with Italian plug
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Multilingual instruction manual

Features and appearance

  • Dimensions: 88 x 88,2 x 119 mm - Weight: 218 grams
  • CMOS progressive color sensor (1/4 ″) in color. The lens has a focal length of 4 mm, an aperture of f / 2.4 with a viewing angle of 85 degrees
  • 1080P video quality, Max frame rate: 15fps, H.264 high quality video compression
  • Pan / Tilt rotation: 360 ° horizontal / 55 ° vertical.
  • Night vision via IR up to 10 meters and 8x digital zoom
  • Auto-Tracking: follows the moving element along its path
  • Connection to the network both in Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz) and wired via a 45M / 10M auto-adaptive RJ100 Ethernet socket
  • Wireless security: WEP 64/128-bit, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and IFTTT
  • Two-way Hi-Fi audio with microphone and speaker inside the body
  • Saving images on Cloud or SD up to 256GB
  • FCC / UL / CE / WEEE / REACH / RoHS certifications.

The structure of the room is of excellent workmanship and the assembly of the various components transmits to the touch a sensation of solidity. Quality that we had already noticed in the CTQ3W and which confirms EZVIZ's particular attention to the choice of materials. The shape is the common spherical head with a support base. In the front part of the chamber we find the optical sensor. Turning the spherical head upwards you discover the slot to insert the microSD card (expandable up to 256GB) and the Reset button.

Next to the camera sensor, the RED and BLUE two-color system LED indicator is clearly visible.

The more or less rapid flashing of the LEDs indicates the different active system states.

  • Red steady: the camera is starting up
  • Slow flashing red: Wi-Fi connection error
  • Red flashing quickly: generic camera error (for example with the microSD card)
  • Blue flashing quickly: the camera is ready for Wi-Fi connection
  • Slow flashing blue: the camera works properly

On the back is the speaker, the Ethernet port and the MicroUSB port to connect the power supply to the network. Finally, in the lower part, beyond the support feet there are the pre-drilled guides to be used in case of wall fixing.

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Installation and Configuration

Unlike the QTC3W model which, being designed for outdoor use, it is mandatory to install it on the wall, the C6N can be positioned wherever you want. Its long cable (about 2 meters) allows you to hide it anywhere or leave it in plain sight next to a vase. You can fix it to the wall or to the ceiling. And after deciding how and where to install it you can go to the next step, that is the configuration through its APP available both on Play Store and Apple store.

Let us briefly summarize the steps for a correct configuration.

  1. Download the EZVIZ App from Google Play Store or App Store and launch it
    Developer: EZVIZ Inc.
    Price: Free
  2. Create an EZVIZ user account by following the instructions in the wizard
  3. Add the EZVIZ camera by clicking on the "+" button at the top right and scan the QR code located on the bottom of the camera
  4. Follow the instructions in the App Wizard to end the association between camera and smartphone.

At this point in the App Home you will have your camera with its identification code. Clicking on the image opens the menu with the available settings and settings including the possibility of starting a video recording, taking a photo, activating notifications, using the two-way microphone, changing the account, and the device information.

Like almost all other cameras of this kind, the EZVIZ C6N can also be used as a normal video camera (the videos made are stored in the memory of the Smartphone as if they were recorded by the camera of the phone itself) or integrated in a video surveillance. In the latter case, for viewing and saving images, you can use the EZVIZ Cloud (available for free for a month) or use a microSD card for local storage (up to 256 GB).

If you have multiple EZVIZ cameras, you can view the images of each one in a convenient grid and select them individually to view the transmitted images in real time.

Among the special features of the C6N is that of being a so-called camera "PTZ" that is, to have the features PAN / TILT / ZOOM.

PAN / TILT is the possibility that the camera can move its lens horizontally (right / left) and vertical (up / down) respectively. The ZOOM it allows you to enlarge images using its digital optics, in this case 8 times.

Another feature of the C6N is that it is equipped with audio and video tracking, ie its sensor is able to follow the movements of the subject framed within the room in total autonomy and without having to move his lens through APP or physically. Therefore, one can imagine the great advantages that can be obtained in recording what happens in the environment in which it is installed. Virtually no noise from the motor that allows the rotation of the chamber if the Auto-Tracking is activated or manually using the Pan / Tilt functions.

Of course, home automation integration with Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT is compatible. Associated with Google, I had no problem with synchronization, recognition by voice and scene management. Obviously, for the visualization of the images, it is necessary to have Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub.

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Beautiful and practical. I really liked this EZVIZ C6N. Easy installation and configuration, excellent view both with light and dark, excellent integrated functions (Auto-Tracking in the first place), excellent quality of materials, good bi-directional sound, in short, quality-price ratio the best I've tested. If I really have to find a flaw it is in its too "classic" form of a ball head on a base. But, on the other hand, to be able to allow them to rotate, I think it's a forced choice. Would you recommend it? Absolutely yes!


Even in this case EZVIZ did not disappoint us. The C6N fully respected the expectations that I was carrying forward from the other model. In comparison with other cameras it has proved to be among the most versatile. The materials are excellent, the images are transmitted well and almost in real time and the response to the commands on the movements is almost immediate. And certainly the fact of being able to include PTZ and Auto-Tracking among its characteristics gives it a sort of personal preference for the final installation in my house. The doubts about the app, being the same, remain but with frequent use you get used to it and all the settings become easier to search.

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You can buy the EZVIZ C6N camera on Amazon at a price of 49,99 Euros but if you use our exclusive coupon the price will drop to € 37,5.

EZVIZ C6N internal Wi-Fi camera 1080p
35,99€ 39,99€
8.3 Score
Review EZVIZ C6N

The EZVIZ C6N is a camcorder with an excellent quality-price ratio that offers everything you need to give your home more security without spending a fortune.

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Video quality
Materials and assembly
Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Quality and assembly of materials
  • Design
  • Audio
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