Review EZVIZ CTQ3W Outdoor security camera (720p)

On the security market there is a myriad of products that promise to protect our safety, that of our loved ones and that of our objects. Often these are real trinkets, made up of poor materials and assembled at the least worst so that they seem at least marketable.

In this case, however, I will talk about a product that particularly impressed me especially for the quality of the materials with which it is built, as well as for all its other features. I'll tell you my impressions of the outdoor camera EZVIZ CTQ3W 720P.


Review Ezviz CTQ3W 720p


Inside the package there is everything necessary for its installation. The packaging is well assembled and the soft internal protections that wrap around the camera make a good impression at the first opening.

In detail we find:

  • Obviously the EZVIZ CTQ3W 720P video camera
  • Power supply with Italian plug
  • Multilingual instruction manual
  • A practical adhesive useful when drilling holes for wall mounting (3 screws included)
  • Kit for waterproofing the mains / power cable
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Features and appearance

  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 150 mm - Weight: 326 grams
  • 720P video quality (also available 1080P version)
  • Degree of protection IP66 against dust and water
  • Working temperatures from -30 ° C to 60 ° C and with humidity ≥ 95%
  • Lens: 2.8mm f / 2.2, Horizontal Angle: 92 °, Diagonal Angle: 108 ° 4mm f / 2.0, Horizontal Angle: 72 ° Diagonal Angle: 86 ° 6mm f / 2.0, Horizontal Angle: 36 ° Diagonal Angle: 40 °
  • Night vision up to 30 meters and 8x digital zoom
  • Connection to the network both in Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and wired via Ethernet socket
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and IFTTT
  • Two-way Hi-Fi audio with microphone and speaker inside the body
  • Siren with audio up to 100db
  • Saving images on Cloud or SD up to 128GB

As soon as it is extracted, the video camera looks well built, solid and with the outside not made up of the usual "plasticky" material but a metal shell that wraps it completely and gives it a feeling of compactness and sturdiness. Characteristic not just given that its main use must be outside, exposed to different weather conditions. Its round shape, then, gives it a less classic and unlike appearance than the others.

On the front we find the main lens, the strobe LED and an ICR infrared filter, all protected by an anti-glare panel. Below are the slot for the SD and the speaker grille. While sideways stand out the two antennas useful for improving Wi-Fi reception.

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Installation and Configuration

Installation is simple because, as already mentioned, inside the package there is everything necessary for a correct wall or ceiling mounting. After having fixed the chamber, oriented using the convenient adjustment pin and having provided for the connection with the electric network, it is possible to proceed to its configuration through common passages to all the Smart devices.

Let us briefly summarize the steps for a correct configuration.

  1. Download the EZVIZ App from Google Play Store or App Store and launch it
    Developer: EZVIZ Inc.
    Price: Free
  2. Create an EZVIZ user account by following the instructions in the wizard
  3. Add the EZVIZ camera by clicking on the "+" button at the top right and scan the QR code located on the bottom of the camera
  4. Follow the instructions of the app wizard to end the association between camera and smartphone.

At this point in the app's Home you will have your camera with its identification code. Clicking on the image opens the menu with the settings and settings available including the possibility of starting a video recording, making the siren sound, taking a picture, activating notifications, using the two-way microphone. It is also possible to set whether to save the images on SD or use the EZVIZ Cloud which is available as a free trial for a month. If you have multiple EZVIZ cameras, you can view the images of each one in a convenient grid.

But on this point I will be more precise in the coming days as, at the same time, I am also testing the new indoor camera EZVIZ C6N and of which I will report, on another occasion, my impressions. Obviously, like almost all the products in this category, there is also the possibility of domotic integration with Alexa or Google Assistant. For my convenience I associated it with Big G. Here too no problem with synchronization, recognition and scene management. Obviously, for the visualization of the images, it is necessary to have Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub.

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Throughout my test the connection between camera and Wi-Fi network has always been stable, never any signal loss or offline messages. I have not received false notifications of motion detection and consequent activation of the siren which, in reality, did not seem very powerful. In particularly noisy moments of the day, should it become active, a few more decibels would have been better but, do not worry, it makes itself felt and certainly is fine to ward off most of the bad guys. As far as the quality of the images is concerned, I have noticed some differences compared to those of other cameras with 1080P resolution in my possession especially in the night vision where the images, for obvious sensor reasons, are too noisy and appear grainy. In the same situation the IR sensors behaved well, signaling the presence of the movement almost always, even during the passage of darkness / light due to the switching on of the lamps with motion sensors on the balcony and which were switched on when passing. Unfortunately, due to logistics problems (I live in a condominium on the first floor with other buildings around it) I could not test the declared limit of display of the images of 30 meters, but I do not struggle to believe that it is easily reached or at least approached.

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In general there's no denying, it's a great camera. The quality of the materials really above average surprised me. Easy configuration and good quality of transmitted images. In addition, the simultaneous presence of the bedroom, strobe light and siren undoubtedly makes it a product of absolute respect, especially in relation to the value for money.

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You can buy the EZVIZ CTQ3W 720P camera on Amazon for the price of 59,99 Euro but if you use our exclusive coupon the price will go down to 44,99€. The coupon ends at the 23: 59 of the November 22.

EZVIZ CTQ3W IP66 outdoor camera 720p
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Review EZVIZ CTQ3W Outdoor security camera (720p)
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Review EZVIZ CTQ3W 720P

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