Inateck HB4101 review, 3.0 USB Hub with 4 ports

There are some aspects that do not tolerate in laptops: firstly the lack of cooling efficiency, secondly the impossibility of upgrading certain components, for example the 3.0 USB ports.

If regarding the heating problem it is enough for me to tear up - and clean - my laptop about once a month, for the second problem I didn't find any hardware upgrade, so I had to buy a multi-port USB Hub.

After a long search I chose Inateck HB4101 for some very simple reasons: found on Amazon, very compact, affordable price, has an LED and finally I found a coupon to have it at 15% less. 😀 You can find it at the end of the article together with the link.

inateck HB4101 review

Inateck HB4101 Review

There would not be much to say about a USB hub, because the operation is very simple: connect it to the USB port and you have it available 4 new 3.0 USB ports. But I wanted to do some tests: if I connect a USB key to this gadget does it lose read / write speed? Does it work on smartphones with OTG? Let's see

Size and appearance

The Inateck HB4101 hub, as I said, is very compact: the box that includes the 4 3.0 USB ports is in aluminum and just measure 4.0 x 5.9 x 0.8 cm. The cable length is 16 cm, covered in hard rubber, and the total length - cable + hub - measures 22 cm; finally, the weight is only 32 grams. It makes no sense to talk about unboxing because it comes in a simple cardboard box (fairly durable), enclosed in the classic Amazon package.

Inateck HB4101 mounts VIA VL813, a high performance chipset that guarantees the maximum speed of 5 Gb / s on 4 ports and to simultaneously recharge multiple devices. In short, it is a very valid, elegant and easily transportable device; the small size and very light weight make it a perfect pocket device.


I downloaded the first small program found on the net to perform a test on the speed of writing and reading, it's called HD Tune and you can download it here in trial version. This tool - among the various functions - is able to perform various benchmarks related to the access time of the analyzed memory, to reading, to transfer, etc. My tests concern the speed of reading and transfer.

Returning to the previous question, "if I connect a USB stick to this gadget does it lose read / write speed?", The answer is no. Honestly I was expecting less performance with a USB stick connected to the hub, but I was wrong.

For the test I used my pendrive Kingston microDuo 3.0 from 32 GB 2in1.

This applies to both benchmarks: in reading and transfer I obtained the same results, both with a key connected to the PC and with a key attached to the USB hub. Obviously I also did a test by copying a file from the PC to the flash drive and vice versa and even here more or less the same result. Below the various screens

Compatibility with OTG smartphones

It does not depend on the hub, but on the smartphone. If it supports OTG it will read a USB hub and all connected devices very well; so why not try connecting a mouse, a pendrive and a smartphone at the same time to the same smartphone? 😀

inateck review hb4101 otg

Buy Inateck HB4101 on Amazon a 15€. Use the coupon 6K4DQWRH to get the 15% discount.
Coupon valid until June 30

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