Review Teclast F6: the best buy laptop for less than 250 €

After review of Teclast F7, we tested and reviewed for you another low-cost laptop from the same Chinese company: the Teclast F6.

Teclast F6 Review

Packaging and content

The notebook comes in the classic Teclast packaging, a solid white cardboard container with an orange cross band and a Teclast logo printed on the front. Inside, in addition to the laptop wrapped in the usual polyurethane packaging, we find the 24 Watt charger with 12 / 24 V output and Italian socket and the manual in English. Also in this shipment the seller provided us with a Chinese socket adapter.

At first glance the Teclast F6 it seems light, compact and manageable and the memory goes to the considerations made at the time for F7. It is clear that the Chinese company makes lightness and ease of transport one of its strengths.

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Appearance, dimensions and weight

Il Teclast F6 has the same style as the F7 of Apple's clear inspiration. The dimensions are of 320 x 220 x 14 mm with a weight of 1.2 Kg. The external body is in anthracite colored aluminum. The opening of the screen is simple and its seal, less flaky than the F7, is more uncomfortable to open with one hand but certainly gives greater stability to the screen. In fact the vibrations are almost absent if the laptop is held on the legs by train or bus.

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Teclast F6 features

Il Teclast F6 it has inside an equipment almost identical to that of F7. The processor is an Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake at 14 nanometers, Quad Core with 1.1 GHz base frequency up to 2.2 GHz in turbo Boost. The memory is an M.2 2240 SSD from 128 GB, to which almost 18 GB must be subtracted for the operating system and more. The RAM is non-expandable 6 GB DDR3 SDRAM.

On the left side there is a micro HDMI port, an 3.0 USB and a small LED that indicates the battery charge status. On the right side we find a MicroSD slot, another 3.0 USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones and the input for the external power supply. Both USB ports have a small rubber cover. There are no Type-C ports. The audio speakers are hidden behind the screen hinge and even as for F7 the sound in some situations is a bit muffled. Nothing serious, however, you can watch a movie or listen to music without major problems.

On the lower side we find the compartment (slot M.2) for the expansion of the internal storage up to 256 GB and the usual rubber feet that give stability and non-slip on flat surfaces. The Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi ac Dual Band complete the connectivity package.

The keyboard is not backlit and with classic island keys. Responsive to touch and without any hesitation the response to the command. Like all devices coming from China, the layout is American and, for those not accustomed to its use, it is necessary to get used to it or to buy some stickers with the ITA configuration. As for F7 the trackpad of Teclast F6 it is surrounded by the same silver frame that surrounds the screen which, together with the slightly hollow position with respect to the rest of the body, makes it easily identifiable by touch if one looks for it without looking at the keyboard. The touch response is always immediate and reactive and no creaking is present if one presses strongly on it to further testify to the good general build quality. Also in this case the touch response is fluid and immediate without any lag.

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The display is from 13.3 inches with Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel. The thin silver-colored metal frame that surrounds it makes the overall appearance pleasant to the eye, especially in contrast with the anthracite color of the shell. The GPU is an Intel UHD 500 with a base frequency of 200 MHz up to 700 MHz and allows fluidity in viewing and playing videos in 4K without any kind of blocks. Gaming is not one of the peculiarities for which it is thought Teclast F6, in fact, the latest generation games are struggling to turn well. The same can be said for graphics programs like Photoshop which can only be used in its basic functions.

Instead we noticed some problems exposing the Notebook to the sunlight where the IPS panel behaved in a just enough way making in some cases the visualization of the images a bit difficult. Appearance, however, in line with the panel's price range. A difference on the graphic aspect between Teclast F6 and F7 is that the panel of the latter, at the same brightness, returns a greater brightness even if the images of the F6, even if with a darker aspect, seem to be more defined in the contours . We do not know if this may be due to a defect in our specimen or a production problem. In any case, absolutely personal evaluation, we preferred the images reproduced by F6.

At the top is the 2MP camera with 2 sides with small holes for the two microphones.

teclast f6 camera

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The internal battery of the Teclast F6 is from 5000 mAh and guarantees a duration of more than 5 hours with intense use with Youtube, some retouching Photoshop, internet. The charging time is approximately 2 hours.

Like F7, the Teclast F6 comes equipped with the Windows 10 Home package in English, with no utilty or useless bloatware. To translate it into Italian, simply install the language packs or perform a clean installation.

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It is clear that we are facing an absolute best buy in terms of value for money. On the other hand it seems clear that, having tested and appreciated the F7, we find ourselves facing the same type of terminal only with the smaller screen. But despite the many similarities we have seen some differences that make us appreciate the qualities. The better resistance of the hinges to the vibrations and the definition of the images with better defined contours make us prefer this Teclast F6. The laptop is intended for the usual non-specific university use in the use of graphic programs or particularly complex calculations.

The extremely low weight then certainly makes it a device that is easy to transport and practical. Having to recommend one between F6 and F7 it comes to say that the substantial difference lies precisely in the size of the display since the hardware equipment is almost identical. So in our opinion the choice can be made from the best offer of the moment.

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Price Teclast F6

The price of the Teclast F6 is around 250 Euro, but it can often be found on offer at around 230 € thanks to our discount codes found on Telegram channel

7.9 Score
Review Teclast F7: low cost laptop for office use

A laptop with reduced weight and size, durable and easy to carry. Flaw in the audio but all in all it remains a good choice for an office / school use

  • Weight
  • Material quality
  • Display
  • Fluidity
  • Sufficient audio
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